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Multiple Uses For The Same Content = Re-Purposing Content

queen of contentWe all want to get the most “bang for our buck”, right? Well that also holds true for getting the most out of our valuable content. We all know that “content is king” and you are the queen of your content with the authority to delegate that content to various mediums of communication.

Write a Blog Post

  • Google loves valuable content and will reward you in the search engines
  • Some people do still like to read
  • It is FREE PR for your product or service
  • The search engines reward fresh content. Maintaining a blog will assure you of continually having fresh content branded to you!
  • It’s easy. With free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, you don’t need to be a web designer to set one up Presentations

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million pageviews, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.

  • Adds visual appeal to your content by including stunning/clever/creative/different graphics in your presentation
  • Allows for comments, favorites and downloads content
  • Anyone can view presentations & documents on topics that interest them
  • Upload presentations publicly or privately
  • Download presentations on any topic and reuse or remix
  • Embed on blogs, websites, company intranets
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Zipcast: free, no download, 1 click web meetings
  • Leadshare: generate business leads with your presentations, documents, pdfs, videos
  • Slidecast: sync mp3 audio with slides to create a webinar
  • Embed YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations
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Put Your Content In a Video

Turning your PowerPoint presentation into a video is EASY to do with Microsoft Ppt 2010.

In the “olden days” I used many a PowerPoint-to-video converter and NONE of them EVER worked 100%. I am a real stickler when it comes to timings in my videos and every converter I used always messed up some of my timings. NOW, all I do is “save file as”  “Windows Media Video” and DONE! Of course you can add fancy and fun animations to a PowerPoint before you save as a video file. Check out: The Power of Video: Add Some Pizzazz to Your PowerPoint Presentations

Put Your Idea Into An Ad

Obviously you can’t put ALL of your content into ONE ad, but why not take the most salient point, add a compelling and engaging visual to promote your content?

You might be surprised at how great your content looks in an ad. If you are NOT using Presenter Media for visuals, you are doing yourself a disservice. I couldn’t work without Presenter Media. For ONLY $59 for the ENTIRE year, you get:

  • PowerPoint Templates
  • 3D Animations & Clip Art
  • World class PowerPoint and presentation resource at an unmatched value
  • New Custom Text Animations and Videos
  • And more…

Check out Presenter Media here!

Working Example of Re-Purposing Content

Write a Blog Post

You are reading it :) Presentations

Put Your Content In a Video

Put Your Idea Into An Ad

king and queen of content


Whatever content you are using, you are going to need images that won’t get you sued!

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