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Using Video Animations is a great way to entertain and inform your target market; they also help boost your conversion rate and increase sales. Animated videos are a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise your business in unique and creative ways. Remember, you only have about 3 seconds to capture and grab your viewer’s attention so it is important to use that incredibly small amount of time wisely!

The Power of Video & Customized Animations to Promote Your Brand

Everyone is overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it. We are all also inundated by so much advertising that most of what we hear falls on deaf ears. Rather than read about something we are interested in, most people would prefer to watch the same information. When given the choice between a human voice and something stimulating and eye-catching – the latter will win hands-down!

Human beings like to be entertained. What better way to get what you want (more sales) by giving them what they want (entertainment)? Using entertaining video animations will increase the length of time people will listen to your message and people love to watch video give them what they wantincrease the chances that you will get a sale either at that point in time, or later on when the potential buyer is ready to make a purchase, because “they” will remember “you”.

Consider this scenario. You have a somewhat complicated product to sell. You create a detailed PowerPoint presentation outlining the features and benefits of your product. Let’s even say that you get traffic to that presentation. Chances are the person who starts to watch your presentation is a potential customer or why else would they be on your site where the presentation is being housed?

Now let’s consider that you have at least a few competitors. Your potential customer clicks “start” and immediately hears a human voice simply talking; their mind starts to wander and you have lost their attention. When they remember what they were looking for and at, they are already off to another site – probably your competitor’s site, to find something engaging enough to hold their attention so that they will “hear” the features and benefits of the product they are looking for. However, if you add some Pizzazz to your presentation, you will grab their attention and they will hang out longer to hear what you have to say.

If you grab people’s attention with engaging content, they are more likely to hang around longer JUST because it is creative, different, and memorable! Therefore, it is more likely that they will “listen” to your message. Your video can grab their attention visually at first – sometimes something a little out-of-the-box will do the trick. Now that you have their attention, if you use music, you are now engaging another one of their senses; the more senses your message engages, the more memorable your message. Voices alone can turn to Charlie Brown’s “whah whah whah whah” (unless the speaker is extremely engaging!).

A very large percentage of people prefer to receive information visually, so adding images, graphs, and cartoons to your video, will increase the likelihood that they will “listen to” and “hear” your message. In addition, visuals help store information in long-term memory better than text.

Music evokes emotions in people and has a powerful impact on the brain. Because purchase decisions are based on emotion (“What’s in it for me”?), music in your videos will enhance their ability to evoke an emotion in the viewer which is more likely to lead to a sale.

Let’s face it, learning can be boring. However, if you enhance your lesson or marketing message with creativity and entertainment, “they” are more likely to listen. If your videos are animated and there is a lot of action, this will also hold someone’s attention more than either text alone or a standard talking-head video.

Laughter is the world’s best medicine and a quick way to long-term memory. If you use humor in your videos, as long as it is appropriate and relevant, they are more likely to be remembered.

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