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Animated Videos Add Valuable Information to Your Website, Attract Website Visitors, and Improve SEO

We live in a crazy world where everyone is running around like chicken’s without heads. Time is our most valuable and limited resource these days so we have to act FAST and EFFECTIVELY to get our marketing message across. We are all inundated with information and advertisement overload so what tends to happen is that our business messages are falling on deaf ears. People don’t have the time to “listen”.

This fact puts the onus on you, the business owner, to make good use of the 3-7 seconds you might have of a potential customer’s attention. So how do you grab “their” attention?

We already know that (source):

  • Video increases the chance of front-page Google results by 53x
  • Video results appear in about 70% of the top 100 search engine listings.
  • Google owns Youtube

The Answer is Pretty Obvious…You Need To Use Video!

Videos come in different formats and have many purposes so how do you decide which style and which purpose? I suggest starting with a business profile video. Why? Because it is an introduction to what your business offers to your target market.

However, don’t stop at ONE video. Having a variety of engaging videos and animation for your business is very strategic. Including some cartoon ads can add some variety to your library in your YouTube channel. Yes, that’s right, creating just one video is only the start. You need to build a suite of videos to help drive traffic.

How Local Business Owners Can Use Video To Keep Google Happy, Rank Higher In Search, And Be Social

Why Animated Videos?

There is something about animation that adds fun to messages, makes the topics lighter, less intense, more engaging and enjoyable to watch. Maybe because it brings back childhood memories? Most videos lose 90% of their viewers in the first 7 seconds. Engaging animated videos are more likely to make your viewer’s stick around long enough to see your call-to-action which is the most important part of your video message. Animations talk ”to you” as opposed to “at you”.

Do It Yourself or Outsource Your Video Animations

There are numerous animated video templates available for those who want to do it themselves, like Animoto, GoAnimate, VideoMakerFX (my personal favorite), Powtoons, VideoJac, (another personal favorite), and more… For those who want to outsource their video marketing, give New Horizons 123 a shot. We specialize in creating compelling, engaging, and fun videos to deliver YOUR message. See what some of our happy clients have said HERE!. The choice is yours. Just be sure to start using video marketing in your overall marketing strategy today!

Learn How to Use Video For Online Profits

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