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happy employeeMany years ago companies had departments called "Personnel". This term was replaced with “Human Resources” as the official title of the department responsible for a variety of activities including benefits administration, recruitment, and employee relations. The reason for this change was the realization that a company’s most valuable resources are its employees.

How does a company protect its most valuable resource? How does anyone protect something that has value to them? You care for it, nurture it and protect it.

Happy, content, and fairly-compensated employees are more motivated and productive than their unhappy counterparts. The relationship between manager and employee is such an important one that if given the proper attention and care, will benefit both the employee and the company.

Susan Fronk in Just One Thing discusses the effect of happy employees on a company’s bottom line.

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2 Responses to “What is Your Most Valuable Resource?”
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  1. jweishaar says:

    Susan, I think the first step in protecting these relationships/resources is to realize that they are indeed valuable and precious. I think much of the problem lies in the fact that not everyone agrees/understands that their employees are their most valuable resource. Once this fact is believed, the process of protection and nurturing should follow naturally. What do you think?

  2. Susan Fronk says:

    Although you always have great insight into business, I know you have a deep understanding about people as well. How often do we neglect to care for, nurture and protect people who have great value to us? We buy insurance for our houses, cars and the "key" man/woman in our businesses. What do we do to make sure our most precious relationships are not lost or damaged?

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