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what exactly IS a sales funnel?

A Sales Funnel is a System made up of 3 components to walk a prospect down a predetermined path with the outcome of getting more prospects to buy your products and/or join your business opportunity.

The 3 Key Components of a Sales Funnel are:

1) A Lead Capture Page (a web page to capture the contact info of prospects)
2) An Email Campaign (a series of email messages spread over time).
3) A Sales Page (a page to motivate prospects to buy your products and/or join your business opportunity.

Sales Funnels are Important for EVERYONE doing Internet Marketing, but even MORE important for those in Network Marketing.

Without a Sales Funnel, if your distributors send prospects to their replicated website offered by their Network Marketing company, the prospects in most cases are NOT prompted (or required) to enter their contact info to learn more about your business. While that might appear to be a good thing initially, it actually can cost you a LOT of lost business because …

  • Your distributors would have NO idea when a prospect is on their website … and therefore no way to communicate with them when the prospect might be most interested in doing business with them.
  • Your distributors would have NO way to automatically follow up with prospects (because they didn’t capture their information) and as we all know, the Fortune Is In The Follow-Up!
  • Your distributors can NOT do targeted marketing and therefore your business won’t be as appealing to prospects and your sales will be lower.

In contrast, Sales Funnels have the unique ability to CAPTURE the contact information of prospects who visits a Lead Capture page and therefore we DO notify distributors IMMEDIATELY when a prospect is interested in your business rather than missing that opportunity that might never exist again!

As well, Sales Funnels Automatically Follow-Up with prospects by sending an Email Campaign (a series of email messages spread over time to educate prospects) so that a prospect is a LOT more likely to buy products and/or join your business.

Sales Funnels also can allow for Targeted Marketing so that prospects are a LOT more likely to see the value of buying your products/services and/or joining your business opportunity.  Doesn’t it make sense, that a college student fearful that they might not get a job when they graduate, has entirely different needs than a single mom who has very limited time and money, versus a baby boomer faced with the financial uncertainty of their future?

Watch Video Below To Learn More About Sales Funnels!

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