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What Would You Consider the Worth of a Customer to You Over the Course of a Year?

  • $50
  • $100
  • $500
  • $5,000?

Increase businessOf course each business owner will have a different answer, but the bottom line is EVERY customer has a value and more times than not a significant value.

So what if you could substantially increase your customer base using an unused asset you already own?

Do you realize if you increased your customer base by 25% and increased the amount those customers spent by 25% and got them to buy 25% more often you would actually NOT have an increase in sales of 25% but almost 100%!

Say you had 100 customers who spent $10 dollars 10 times a year.

That would be…

100 customers X $10 X 10 times a year = $10,000

Now watch…let’s increase each one of those categories by 25%.

125 customers X $12.50 X 12.5 times a year = $19,531 AMAZING!

We will show you a simple system to accomplish all this and more!

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