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Video Marketing IS The New Marketing

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Technology has changed the way we behave socially, act as consumers, and the way we do business. Video is THE Best Marketing Tool.

Using video in your marketing mix will: get more traffic to your website; keep your consumers and prospects engaged; and keep visitors longer on your website; Why?

Because people would rather watch than read! Period! It doesn’t hurt that search engines love video.

Old School/Tradition Marketing Methods

Traditional advertising, marketing methods, such as billboards, television commercials, radio ads, & posters are still valuable but oftentimes cost-prohibitive for many small businesses. The Digital age has brought about changes that help the small business owner compete in the same playing field as the larger corporations. One of the best ways to compete is through the use of video. Why?

Videos can be created without expensive camera equipment or editing software.

One can seriously use their smart phone to record a video. There are MANY different kinds of videos one can make and many different modes of video creation. In addition to what is commonly referred to as the “talking head video”, there are camera-less ways to create video that include: animations, images, talking heads, motions graphics, scribe videos (those explainer or doodle videos) and more…even a combination of many different video formats. New Media Ranch is an example of a video I produced for a client that uses MANY different video formats. The idea is to capture the viewers attention and keep them engaged long enough to “hear” your message.

Businesses Must Adapt & Keep Up With Trends To Be Successful

This doesn’t mean that a business who is doing some traditional marketing that is WORKING should abandon those initiatives – that would make no sense.

The best marketing approach is one that uses the optimal combination of traditional & digital marketing. Businesses should continue doing what is “working”, abandon what is NOT working, while at the same time staying abreast of the current new Digital Age of Marketing.

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Why? If you want your business to continue to compete in today’s world of advancing technology, you need to stay on top of the latest in Internet technologies and one step ahead of your competition. If your competitor is using video marketing and you are not, you are behind the times for you niche.

Video is a VERY powerful marketing tool, but you need to makes sure your videos are good.

Videos can sell FOR you 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of television advertising with way more exposure. Creative video marketing can help you stand out from your competition. You need to do what your competition is doing only better. What are you doing to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Do You Know that Video is the MOST-EFFECTIVE vehicle to deliver your marketing message in unique and engaging ways? We can help!

Video Marketing Traditional VS Digital Age Marketing

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