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When It Comes to Having an Effective Content Marketing Strategy, One of The Most Important Aspects to Include in The Strategy is Some Form of Video

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Content has always been king in the eyes of marketers, but that content can come in all shapes and sizes, with video getting quite comfortable in the front-and-center. We likely have the mobile revolution to thank for that!

Videos can serve as excellent teaching tools, illustrating more than a simple text article could. They can also offer an insider’s perspective. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage with fans is an incredibly effective way to generate a sense of excitement among followers. Although some video sharing platforms may be more popular than others, it’s how you ultimately execute the video that will determine its overall success.

Take, Cinsay, for example: an ideal video-based platform for nearly any business, and the only patent-protected social commerce platform available in the market. Rather than limit your business to a stationary website to gain new sales, Cinsay offers brands the capability of attracting new buyers through the viral nature of social media.

With Cinsay, viewers can interact with products by sharing their personal shopping experience throughout their various social networks. The great thing about Cinsay is that it gives consumers the opportunity to make a transaction within the video, with their Embed Smart Store™ feature, which serve well to increase conversions. Simply put, Cinsay can turn a video into a viral storefront.

While Cinsay is a great platform for video conversions, there are also several other popular platforms to know about as well. Take a look at the infographic below. It provides some very interesting statistics about the most popular social video sites at the moment, as well as offers some helpful tips on how to get started with your own video content campaign.

social-video-starter-guide with CINSAY

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