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website visitors"SEO is vital to increasing website traffic":  Yes – we all know that.

"Content is king":  Nothing new here.

"Quality is more important than quantity":  Ditto!

"I am a small business owner and don't have the time":  You are not alone!

As a small business owner, you are plagued daily with trying to find the time to get everything done that needs to be done. You know you have to pay special attention to your website content. You have optimized your site to the best of your ability or perhaps have paid an SEO expert to take care of it for you. Your web stats are showing increased traffic to your site so you know your SEO is working. BUT… why aren't your visitors staying on your site?

Perhaps your content isn't compelling enough or providing enough value to keep people on your site. What are your available options?

You can re-visit your content and look at it through the eyes of your potential customers/clients. Would your content catch your attention enough to make you want to stay and read more? If your answer is "yes", take another look – you might have missed something. Another suggestion is to have another pair of eyes see your content from an unbiased and fresh perspective. Sometimes we are too close to something to be able to truly see it in an objective light. Haven't you read and re-read something you have written several times to check for accuracy and still missed a typo? Everyone has – even the New York Times has had typos.

Have you considered outsourcing your web content writing? Check out Whiteboard Friday – Outsourcing Content Creation for some valid reasons why doing so might benefit your small business.



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3 Responses to “They Visit But Don’t Stay Long Enough!”
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  1. Hey Angie, you are absolutely correct in pointing out the other very valid reasons why websites might fail to convert or keep visitors on them longer. Content is only one of them.

    Thanks so much for your added value to this content :)

  2. AP says:

    Hi Julie, I hope all is well. If I may, I'd like to chime in here a bit. My first thought after reading your article was: How long is long really? When I surf the net, I know from experience that I hardly ever stay on one site long enough before I surf away, especially when I am googling something. I jump back and forth between sites and the results pages before I finally find the page that answers my concerns. From there I bookmark the page, I make contact, comment on, share it with friends, follow, connect or linkedin or do absolutely nothing because I am not ready to BUY.  
    In my opinion, the number one reason any one website fails to convert is a site's inability to squeeze contact information or provide enough incentive for a consumer to act now. In essence, many sites are not pushy enough.
    Others reasons why websites fail to convert could be poor menu navigation, the lack of contact information on a site and a website not demonstrating the value, service benefit story.

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