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You Need to Stop Using Boring PowerPoint Presentations

boring presentations

PowerPoint presentations are great tools and we can’t do without them for most businesses. However, they can be long and quite frankly…boring! What are you alternatives?

Turn Your PowerPoint into a Video

There are several way to do this:

  • Use a screen capture software like Camtasia or Screencast-O–Matic to record you speaking through your PowerPoint and changing the slides manually.
  • Animate the slides using transitions and animations in the PowerPoint program itself. This can be easily done with PowerPoint 2010 and above with the “save as” wmv file option.
  • Speedy Web Videos offers free trainings on how to do funky things with PowerPoint.
  • Learn Camtasia  is another great resource for free and paid training on how to use PowerPoint.

Below are some samples of videos I have created using PowerPoint only:

As you can see I use PowerPoint quite a bit when creating videos. You might have noticed that some of the above videos have short video intros or outros to add some branding and pizzazz to videos. I use both PresenterMedia and FlixPress to create these short videos.

Suggestion: For your PowerPoint video, use more of an outline text than the entire presentation to keep your video engaging and compelling. If you have a longer presentation that you want your audience to view, use the summary video to grab their attention to drive them to the longer presentation.

There Are Many Other Tools That Can Help You Create Your Own Videos


In You Too Can Create Awesome Videos Like The PROs I share information about VideoMakerFX. Itis one of the best products I have seen to-date for animation, whiteboard, kinetic text, logo openers, corporate presentations, photo showcases, lower thirds, and more – rolled into ONE single platform. I was fortunate enough to purchase the product at pre-launch for only $27. The price has increased several times since then and to-date, it is $67. The price WILL go up because it can. It is that good. So if you are looking for a totally awesome cost-effective program to create your own videos, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a copy of VideoMakerFX before the price goes up…again.

Stay tuned for more DIY video marketing tips. Want to outsource your video marketing? See what some of our client’s have said about our Video Production Services here!

One of the items you will definitely need if you want to create your own videos are images. Please accept our gift below of free legal images you can use in any of your projects.

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  1. Great video for PowerPoint. Thanks for sharing this thoughts. It really educate me a lot.

  2. Great post. It is very important to use a video in order to market your brand. In that way, it will stand out and get the attention of the audience.

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