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Gift-Giving Made Easy

online wish listMost of us are familiar with online gift registries for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers, but what about for those of us who are not getting married or having a baby? How many times has someone asked you: “What do you want for your birthday”?

How about those times when you KNOW there was something special you wanted but FORGOT what it was? Isn’t that frustrating? What if there was a site where you can put those things you “want” on a wish list?

Well There Is…Introducing The Little Store Online

The Little Store Online is the online store with a wish list!  You can find many of your favorite products here.  Sign up and become a free member of our website, then add your favorite products to your wish list.  

After you have finished creating your list, send the link to your wish list to your family and friends when they ask you what you want for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, favorite holiday, etc. You can return to add to your list anytime you desire!

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May I Suggest an Item For Your Wish List?

How about a hysterically funny book called: “From Self-Proclaimed Nerd, to Accomplished Executive, to Befuddled Snowbird” written by my beloved late dad, David Sahud, and published for all to enjoy by his family.  If you or someone you know likes to laugh, I can promise you, this book will make you laugh.

Just One of Many Rave Reviews

“Just partway into the book and I felt like there was a part of me in David, or a part of David in me. By the time you’ve finished reading the book you’ll feel like you’ve known him all your life, or wish you had. His humor, experiences, and wisdom are worth my weight in gold. (I say my weight cause that’s a lot of gold.) … buy a copy of the book today, all the smiles, chuckles, and laughter are included free of charge.”

Check Our The Little Store Online HERE!

I did, and I liked it :)

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