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What is Your Goal?

video marketing strategy
Video Marketing just like any other marketing requires a strategy. Creating a video alone is not enough. What are you going to do with the video? Before you start your video you need to know what your goal is. Not everyone will have the same goals and/or strategies.

This post is a result of my recent experience working with someone whose goal for a video was not the same as mine, hence the reminder to myself to start at step one!

Make sure your goals and your client’s are in alignment!

Below are the strategies I use when creating videos as “teasers”. They might not work for everyone but for the most part, I have had success with this strategy. Hopefully, you will find it helpful. :)

Engage the Audience

If you don’t grab the views attention in the first few seconds, you will lose them and the remainder of your video content will not be seen. This is my favorite area as it allows me to be creative. Everyone has different tastes as far as images and music and you need to be certain that your client’s preferences are met if you are making a video for a client. Hence my video order form where I specifically ask the client to specify their preferences. For my own videos, I like to use fun, sometimes silly, definitely memorable, and very creative images, animations, and music. I realize that not everyone has the same tastes as I do and you can’t please everyone all the time. I was actually recently surprised to hear that a recent client loved what I refer to as the “Pillsbury dough boy guys” – you never know until you ask.

Provide an Outline

The video should summarize your content and basically be an outline of where your viewer can find “more” information. If you provide ALL the details and your video is totally comprehensive, you have now given a tutorial rather than a “teaser”/introduction video. Of course, a tutorial is also a video and if this is your goal – then you need to create a tutorial. Here is an example of a video I did according to this strategy: The 16th Way to Leverage Your Linkedin Account: The Behance Network. Here is the tutorial I created for the same topic: How to Use The 16th Way to Leverage Your Linkedin Account. See, you can have more than one strategy but you need to know which strategy you are following BEFORE you create yours or a client video.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

This is key! If you don’t let your target know that you are the source of valuable information, they won’t know where to go when they need or want more information.

People like to do business with people they know and trust. Use your videos to help your target market “know” you and trust that you are your industry’s expert. How do you do that? Continue to provide them with information they want/need so that YOU or YOUR business is where they will go when they need or want to make a purchase. This is also a great way to up-sell an existing client – make yourself the “source” for value.

Continuously Provide Value

A cute or entertaining video is fine and if your goal is ONLY to entertain – then you have achieved that goal. However, if your goal is to establish yourself as a thought-leader, you need to be sure your video has valuable content. Have you ever watched a video or read an article that looks as though you are going to learn something from it and then when you are done you realize you learned nothing? Don’t tell your audience in your title or description that they will learn something and then not provide that content. Deliver on what you promise and continue to provide value!

Make Them Want to Hear More

If you give away ALL the information in your video, what is left for the viewer to do? If you are providing a tutorial, then yes, do provide all the information or you will not be delivering what you promise. However, if your goal (there is that “word” again) is to help establish you as a thought leader, create an awareness about a product or service, let people know where they should go for more information, have them watch a full tutorial, or make a purchase, then don’t give away the store in this video. If you want them to do more but include EVERYTHING in this video, guess what? They have no reason to look any further! TELL them what their next step is so that if they choose to, they can take that step. Here is an example of a “Teaser Video”: 15 Ways to Develop Your Linkedin Account to Generate Sale. The goal of this video was to get the viewer to the FULL tutorial presentation. This is the call to action at the end of this video – it leads directly to the full presentation. See the difference between what I am calling a “Teaser” video and a tutorial? There are many different possible goals/strategies for a video – just be sure you know before you start, what your goal is.

Call to Action

What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video? If you don’t know exactly what that is, neither will they.

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