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My Journey Back from China

A few days ago I noticed that my Feedburner feed was not updating so I began the long, confusing journey to find out why and fix it. Easier said than done. On my journey, I discovered from the Troubleshooting option at that there was a problem with my original feed at Feedburner that ...

My Technical Angel!

Adam Kreitman is my technical angel. I don't know Adam. I have never met Adam. Adam doesn't know me. Yet he is still my angel. Why? Because Adam has technical knowledge and experience I don't have and Adam just so happened to have had the same problem I was having with Internet Explorer ...

Man’s Best Friend

Our dogs know the true meaning of unconditional love even if they don’t have any sense of timing – which is actually a nice thing. When you go out to get the mail and come in two seconds later, your pup is so incredibly excited to see you – right? I often wonder HOW we […]...

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