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Does Your Business Still Need a Website?

Guest blog by Barnabas Nagy | FurlongDesign creative design studio | | | | +44 77 99 56 56 26 Today I dared to open one of the archived newsletters from Entrepreneur. Since I am a web designer I don’t like reading titl...

An Introduction to the Internet for Small Business Owners

Small Business meet the Internet from New Horizons 123 from Julie Weishaar on Vimeo....

Blogging: Why Aren’t They Playing in My Sandbox?

We have all heard the hoopla around the value of writing a blog for our business. Blogs create a focal point in a community of potential customers, provide a hub for social networking, invite participation and interaction, build relationships, help increase SEO, boost traffic to your blog site (and ...

A Look at Your Site From Your Viewer’s Eyes

There is a common theme running through all effective marketing – that is perception vs reality. It applies to your branding (the message you are trying to relay vs the perception of the message), your client's needs (what they really want vs what you think they want) and your website (how...

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Top Reasons Why A Small Business Owner Should Consider Outsourcing Their Internet Marketing Initiatives

Are you a small business owner with limited time? Do you have a website? Are you marketing your website? If not, you should read Building A Great Website Isn’t Enough, You Have To Market It and Why do I need to do Internet Marketing? Do you wish you had the time to increase your internet [&hel...

Keywords Basics: What are they and what do I do with them?

You’ll hear the term “keywords” used a lot on this site. If you don’t understand the meaning then you could spend a lot of time feeling like you’ve missed something important. Because your keywords are the basis of everything you’ll do online. This part is worth r...

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