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Video is an Integral Part of Your Content Management Strategy

Video is an Integral Part of Your Content Management Strategy

When It Comes to Having an Effective Content Marketing Strategy, One of The Most Important Aspects to Include in The Strategy is Some Form of Video Content has always been king in the eyes of marketers, but that content can come in all shapes and sizes, with video getting quite comfortable in the fr...

Video, Lead Capture, Follow-up…Done

Video, Lead Capture, Follow-up…Done

How to Market Your Local Business With Video And More… As a business owner you’re probably always brainstorming ideas about how to market your business both online and offline. Marketing your local business online with video is an excellent way to take advantage of online marketing for your ...

Who Is Using Video Marketing Today?

It’s Not Just The “Big Guys” Anymore! No longer is it just large businesses that are using video marketing as a way to increase their presence online.   Today it is something that many small businesses are finding an effective tool in helping to gain an edge over their competitor...

How to Become Your Industry Expert

It is All About the Value Your Provide as Your Industry Expert! You don’t have to be the originator or all the content you provide to your target market. YES original content is important so you should definitely provide as much original content as you have. However, there are many other ways ...

Google+ vs Facebook

Welcome to the Social Media Network War Move over Facebook, Google+ is here! Or not? What are your thoughts about what impact Google+ will have on the use of Facebook? Do you feel like you are caught in the middle of the battle of the social networks? Well, we are Take a look at the […]...

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