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What Makes a Video Book Trailer a Success?

What Makes a Video Book Trailer a Success?

A Successful Video Book Trailer Makes the Viewer WANT to Read Your Book! Look at your book as a movie and your video book trailer as a movie trailer. This is the best analogy to video book trailers that most people know and understand fully. When we are sitting in a movie theater waiting to [&hellip...

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How to Make Sure Your Book is the Next Best Seller

Calling All Authors! Everyone has a unique story to tell. From explaining business processes to revealing our personal history, we all have a natural desire to share our experiences with the world. As a result, there are TONS of books available with numerous titles that promise to entertain, enlight...

Why Use a Video To Promote Your Book?

Give Them a Sneak Preview A book trailer is essentially a short video commercial for your book where you create awareness, peak interest, give an overview of what your potential buyer will read, and increase your book sales. Why Video? Marketing professionals know that in order to increase awareness...

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