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Building Rapport: Who Are You & Why Should I Care?

Building Rapport With Your Target Market First of all, what is “rapport”? It is the “connection”, the “understanding”, the “camaraderie” between two people. It is what bonds us as human beings to one another. Rapport is when two people feel that they h...

Effective Email Marketing Builds Relationships

Building a Solid Relationship With Your Subscriber Building a relationship is important because it can make the difference between making a sale and losing it to your competitor. If you had a choice between making a purchase from a friend or a stranger if you needed a certain product or service, all...

Social Media Marketing is a Waste of Time for Professional Services Firms

Social media is an area of business that is wrought with conflicting opinions. Some say that it is an essential marketing strategy for all businesses. Some say it is a total waste of time and not right for their industry. And then there are those who have the right idea – the answer lies somew...

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