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Viral Marketing Strategy

What is Viral Marketing? Viral Marketing is a method of marketing where you leverage “Word Of Mouth” advertising to drive large blocks of new prospects to seek out and purchase your products and services. With the thousands of Viral Marketing tools and applications available on the Inter...

15 Ways To Develop Your LinkedIn Account To Generate Sales

Social Media Marketing Really Does Work I had the pleasure of meeting a man named Dave Kalstrom yesterday through another gentleman I have been networking with for months. Jim Bannon made the introduction and is a real technical guru that has helped me out in so many ways as I tend to be a bit [&hel...

Blog Content + Video = Vlog

Do You Vlog? What is a vlog? It is a blog but in video. Why Should You Vlog? Google owns Youtube Google likes video (There is really no reason to add more… but I will Vlogging is a differentiator It can be fun, engaging, & creative (Keeps visitors on your website longer) Some messages are ...

Tag You’re It!

Your Tagline is The Power of Your Brand Brands have power if created and promoted consistently and honestly. Branding is a powerful message that speaks to your customers and potential customers. Brands humanize and personalize your company offering. A solid branding strategy is important for any sma...

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