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The Power of Video + The Power of Networking = Value

What Happens When People Meet Online and Have The Same Background, Training, & Goals? They meet online, they network, they exchange ideas/expertise/goals/programs/etc. and the end result is a super-duper awesome training ground and helpful blog called TheWebVideoAcademy. AND I am lucky enough to...

Online and Offline Networking Etiquette

Is There a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Behave While Networking? Yes! There are certain agreed upon behaviors that are not considered acceptable when networking on and offline. Jumping right in with a sales pitch is frowned upon in both online and offline social networking. Would you go to a wedding...

Spin Your Social Media Marketing Flywheel

By Thomas M. Schmitz on December 2, 2009 4:57 PM I’m going to tell you a secret that people in social media marketing and social media optimization don’t like to talk about. Fame begets fame. If you’re a celebrity or popular brand then social media will be particularly easy for you...

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