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Online and Offline Networking Etiquette

Is There a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Behave While Networking? Yes! There are certain agreed upon behaviors that are not considered acceptable when networking on and offline. Jumping right in with a sales pitch is frowned upon in both online and offline social networking. Would you go to a wedding...

What is the Best way to Tweet?

I don’t think there is one answer to this question. If you are looking for as many followers as you can get, then your tweeting behavior will be different than someone who is more interested in following and being followed by only those who add value to their business purpose and brand. What k...


If you haven't seen MarcTV – you are missing out. He shares information in a witty and refreshing manner. I fully enjoy his approach – hope you enjoy it too March 18: The Real Reason They Forgot Farrah. from marc gordon on Vimeo....

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