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What is a Customer Worth to You?

What is a Customer Worth to You?

What Would You Consider the Worth of a Customer to You Over the Course of a Year? $50 $100 $500 $5,000? Of course each business owner will have a different answer, but the bottom line is EVERY customer has a value and more times than not a significant value. So what if you could substantially [&hell...

Why Systems Are Critical To Your Success

Why Systems Are Critical To Your Success

Systems Can Be Duplicated, People Can NOT! Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s, one of the most successful businesses ever created, can easily be operated and managed by TEENAGERS? They have Million Dollar SYSTEMS so they don’t need Million Dollar employees! Without Duplication, you wi...

The Gold Rush And The Internet

The Gold Rush And The Internet

Yesterday’s Gold Rush is Today’s Internet During the gold rush days, the people who really got wealthy were those who sold the picks and shovels to the miners. Why … because everyone looking for gold needed a pick and shovel … without the right “tools“, a miner wo...

How to Automatically Increase Your Sales While Slashing Your Marketing Expenses

Discover Why You Are Leaving a LOT of Money on the Table But Don’t Have To- You Can Increase Your Sales There is a very SIMPLE marketing strategy that almost 95% of businesses are NOT cashing in on that could not only significantly INCREASE their sales, but ALSO Significantly DECREASE their Market...

How to Leverage Your Best Asset With Lead Capture

So You Have a Website… But Here is The Big Question…is That Website Working for YOU? You might say “what do you mean”?… I just have a website to give information about my Company, or Restaurant, or Law firm or whatever business you are in. OK, so now your customers and ...

Grow Your List = Increased Sales

Why Does Email Marketing Work? Email Marketing is Instant It’s Perfect for a Time Sensitive Offer It’s Virtually FREE Email goes Everywhere It can be Automated Provides Massive Exposure Which Means More Sales! The average person checks their email 2+ times/Day Video Email marketing is 3 to 5 tim...

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