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identityAs a small business owner, exactly who and what are you marketing?

If your company makes widgets the widgets are what you want to sell right? Right. However, how does a widget participate and engage in social media marketing? How does one establish a relationship with a widget? How can a widget be an industry expert? How can a widget continue to provide valuable information about its industry to prospective customers? The answers are – it can't.

But you, as the small business owner, can and should. You are your brand. Your widget’s reputation has a direct correlation with YOUR reputation. You can’t manage a widget’s reputation but you can and should manage yours. In the article Build Your Brand So People Will Refer You, Dan Schawbel breaks down this process into 5 main areas:

  • Be interesting
  • Be valuable
  • Be generous
  • Be enabled
  • Be networking

Read Dan’s full article here.

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