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What’s in it for Me?

what's in it for me?As business owners, we need to remember that our potential clients or customers don’t care about what our product or service does for others, they only care about how it will help THEM!

Many business owners get caught up in promoting the features of their offerings, when they need to pay more attention to the BENEFITS.

Stop Selling the Product. Start Selling the Benefit is a very interesting blog post about how to “tie your product or service to emotion…“and uses some pretty interesting examples.

Did you ever wonder why the mannequins in stores wearing the clothes the store is selling don’t have faces?

Shane Russell, from Suited Marketing, explains why in his blog post. Read his blog post HERE!


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64 Responses to “Purchase Decisions are Based on Emotions”
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  1. Sarah Cohen says:

    It is really true that purchase decisions are based on emotions. Emotion provides a big part on every decision we undergo.

  2. Jenkins says:

    Emotions has a huge part in our life and we are able to use it in choosing the best that can be..

  3. very good sharing… i appreciate you

  4. zylan says:

    If it’s meant to happen, it will. Emotions may play a role but it’s all on you.

  5. Grace Bader says:

    That is true, me myself as a customer will always find the benefit I can get on the product. The physical appearance of a product or the beauty of a product is not really that important, it can attract a customer but will give doubts later if it is not helpful to them.

  6. Born25 says:

    There are people who just buy what they think is good in a glance. Or we must say there are lots of impulse buyers.
    In buying we should consider first the value of the product, the price and never forget to see the expiration date of the product.

  7. Heidi19 says:

    This a great article to read! and i agree with you that EMOTIONS has a huge part for making decisions. In purchasing products. Thanks for your insights and i’m looking forward to read more from you!

  8. Nicole says:

    Clients and customer is more willing to buy the product if the seller deals with his or her emotion fairly. it a good post and i list down it all.

  9. caren says:

    As a buyer we buy the things that fit for us.and we can have a great benefits.

  10. Liz says:

    Stop selling the products, start selling the benefits, is a great post to. Thanks for always doing a wonderful blog.

  11. VPS says:

    To a higher extend you are right…and that is the reason why we recommend people to add social buttons on the product pages that encourage people to share the product with the circle and recommend!.. Great stuff…

  12. Maryam says:

    Purchasing is one of a lovely activities of every mom, and I am selecting some goods base on my needs and budget…

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Emotions are one of the best factor for choosing the best, but in purchasing for a great ones? I don’t think so…

  14. Julie says:

    Thanks Andres – you are right – and can you blame anyone for wanting to know “what’s in it for them”? Common sense, right? :)

  15. andres says:

    wonderful ideas!! everyones first question is “what’s in it for me?”. if there`s a benefit for them they buy, if not they`re not interested in my opinion

  16. Kent says:

    I think it’s based more on the quality of the product that satisfies the standards and desires of the customer. It’s not merely on emotions but rather to the function that will make convenience.

  17. ShirleyFai says:

    Hi Julie…We actually want to hear more of you aside from this post that talks about decisions and making purchases…

  18. Julie says:

    LOL Lacey – Yes we moms DO know best :)

  19. Lacey12 says:

    This is the common case of every person, especially thy mom who purchasing such things using their emotion… Because do most mom know the best…

  20. Lois says:

    As a mom who took shopping every week, I do prefer to buy those can be used in my lovely kitchen and for the rest of week… It’s about emotion? I don’t think so.. But what is the right term for it?

  21. Shanel says:

    We should know our potentials. Before making huge decision.

  22. Balu says:

    Start selling the benefit, i really liked the keyword which is been used, anyways well written post.

  23. Rossalie says:

    Hi Julie..I hope you can post more of this because we missed you…Can’t wait to read more of your posts…

  24. We cannot make any good decision under emotion. Decision-making has a big part of who we are in the future..

  25. Gracie says:

    It is only natural that we consider the effects our major decisions in life have on the people we care about. It would certainly indicate callousness and selfishness if we did not. You obviously must love and care for your family, so do you resent them or is it that you are unhappy with your life in general?
    You mentioned that none of life seems fair and that your decisions that you made effect your state of well-being now.

  26. Beatriz says:

    I think, emotion is truly take ups for having a great decision especially when it comes of purchasing for something…

  27. Crosby says:

    @Marlo, I am totally agree with your thoughts, instinct is the right term when purchasing a kind of product because when choosing the best among all we consider different things from it…

  28. Caroline72 says:

    Emotion is always take at the first place, because it define a productive things to choose for worthy attachment at a time…

  29. Julie says:

    Such a great article,and you’re totally right. When people decide to buy something, they always make an emotional decision. That’s why offering/selling directly emotions is the best way for marketing a product.

  30. gambling says:

    These site were always having a great ideas on having a great topics at all. Great job!

  31. Bianca says:

    Interested ideas.. i think i know now what i want.. SALES PERSON.. Thanks for this informative site.

  32. Brien27 says:

    The real essence of purchasing is you have a benefits on your part..and you know the emotions of everyone…

  33. shalani says:

    i always remember what my mom says to me that the mannequin has no face so that every body can wear it

  34. Becca says:

    Mind maps are diagrams to explore new ideas and thoughts for creating and promoting. Excellent tips indeed! I really love to learn from the well experience one..

  35. Shanel says:

    I think in the field of marketing, emotion is one of the key for choosing the best among better..

  36. Bianca says:

    Quality of a product is not about what you feel from it, rather, you need to consider by your knowledge the condition in what it may provides…

  37. carlos says:

    your post titled “Stop Selling the Product. Start Selling the Benefit.”was brilliant, this post is interseting too, we often forget that buying involves the emotions too, not every deision comes from the mind

  38. Derek Chan says:

    hmm… no wonder I’m not doing very well as a salesperson. Thanks for the lesson! :)


  39. Cheziannhe says:

    We always buy some things that are really based on our emotions…If we like it or not or if we are comfortable using it…

  40. Maryden25 says:

    In acquiring or purchasing products we should consider not only the benefits of the product itself but also the emotion attributes that will satisfy us.
    Thanks for sharing your insights!

  41. Precious says:

    Hi Julie, I am really happy that I have your post here for us…Thanks to you!

  42. Clauie says:

    As I have noticed when i shop in my self and others as well, we are purchasing a kind of thing because of our needs and because someone else have this kind and I need to have it too…

  43. Thrixxie says:

    When we are planning to buy some thing well I agree that sometimes it depends on our emotions…

  44. abhinav says:

    Really its great advice for selling its very useful for me thanks for it sharing.

  45. Grey says:

    I am a mother shopper and I always consider the quality of a products and those really important needed with my family at a times… Choosing is based on the budget emotions…

  46. Cley says:

    I agree! We should always keep in mind that our customers buy our products for the reason that they can really benefit from it. Thanks for sharing this.. Good job!

  47. Dean.C says:

    In choosing a product I always wanted to secure and have that it will provide a kind of benefits on my part, and I think its the real essence of purchasing…

  48. Eric says:

    That’s really nice idea to sell benefits…never thought about this strategy. Thanks a million!

  49. Ms.Amber says:

    Excellent points! I totally agree with you.. We should updated and improve our business..

  50. Great point Carly – thanks for the value-add :)

  51. carly says:

    Good post. This reminds me of a book I’m reading by Dan Kennedy. If someone can say, “who cares?” after your pitch, then you’re not selling the benefits. :)

  52. Juliette Statun says:

    True… Most of the costumers are wiser these days before buying products. As for myself, I am more of the benefits before I decide if I have to purchase that certain product or not…

  53. Shalani says:

    Wonderful ideas! I am totally agree that “emotions” has a huge part for making decisions and choosing the right thing for life….

  54. Ronifelle says:

    Hi Julie…emotions are very important today and you give some tips and even advice here…Thanks for the help though…

  55. Hi Brood, that is a good question. I think for one, you have to make sure your product or service meets a need or want in your target market.

    Hi Catarina – most definitely – and to be honest, can you blame ALL? Why would someone buy something that didn’t have anything in it for “them”? :)

    Hi Steven, thanks for your value-add. Apple is certainly a great example of a company that “does it right”.

  56. Steven says:

    As I am mainly involved in tech niche where everything is about features but there is one company that talks about benefits and it’s Apple.
    While they are presenting their product they don’t say how many Ghz, GB, MB/s and so on but instead they are saying faster, smoother, better, and so on.
    Thanks for reminding this simple thing which is usually forgotten

  57. Catarina says:

    True Julie. ALL human beings are concentrating on “what’s in it for me?”. If they can’t see any benefit for them they just ignore your offer.

  58. Brood N. says:

    That is so true. Buyers really care about what the product can do for them and not for others. How do you increase the chance of emotional purchase connection to the buyers?

    Thanks for this post!


  59. @Louis – thanks for stopping by my blog and for appreciating it :)

    @Rose37 – glad you agree!

    @Marlo – “instinct” vs “emotion” – we are not that far apart :) Yes, you are right – in any event – we should always provide our best!

    @Keyuri: – love your addition of the word “ethically” – yup – to me – as you know – that goes without saying! :)

  60. Keyuri Joshi says:

    I completely agree with (ethically) selling benefits to customers. It has to be about meeting their needs. And yes… emotions are the hook.

  61. Marlo says:

    I don’t think that the right term was emotion, I prefer it to call the customer’s instinct. It’s a way of thinking critically before investing into a service or on products. People will choose the best based on purpose,quality, terms, strength and warranty. While some people tend to choose based on design and specs. Either any of it, we should provide them the best and kind of services that will satisfy them Customer are always right, remember it then.

  62. Rose37 says:

    Purchasing is about choosing the essential products that will used for a time, I am totally agree that emotion take place when purchasing a kind of product…

  63. Louis Greg Jordan says:

    This is a great post. I also loved the blog post “Stop Selling the Product. Start Selling the Benefit.”

    Thanks for sharing.


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