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confusedA few days ago I noticed that my Feedburner feed was not updating so I began the long, confusing journey to find out why and fix it.

Easier said than done. On my journey, I discovered from the Troubleshooting option at that there was a problem with my original feed at Feedburner that I needed to fix in addition to a 404 error. Of course, the exact "problem" of my original feed was not disclosed. So I decided to paste this original URL in a browser and was quite perplexed by what I found. My original feed URL was automatically redirecting to another site that was not mine. How did I know it wasn't mine? It was in Chinese and I don't speak Chinese. I found it even more perplexing that the URL of this redirected feed was MY URL yet the feed was obviously not mine.

I continued on my journey by trying to determine exactly where this problem originated from. Was it my web server? No, they said it was not. Was it WordPress? I have no idea because I didn't get any response to my posting on their forum. Was it Feedburner? Again, I have no idea because no one answered me on that forum either. It was somewhat comforting to read that others have had similar problems (although I didn't read about anyone else's feed linking to a Chinese blog). WordPress did indeed have postings from others with the same issue that were resolved usually by uninstalling a plugin which was causing the problem. But, alas, I wasn't using any of the same plugins that seemed to be the culprit for others. However, I did follow their suggestions and uninstalled each of my plugins to see if perhaps they were causing my issues.  They weren't.

Tonight I decided to try again to see if anything made sense. To my pleasant surprise, my original feed URL was no longer redirecting to the Chinese blog. As I did absolutely nothing since the last time I checked, perhaps this was some sort of divine intervention? Who knows, I am just grateful that I don't have to learn Chinese.

I read through many more forums, tried to ping my feed several times, uninstalled and reinstalled my plugins yet again and still nothing. As there was nothing else I could think of trying, I went back to work. Several hours later, I decided to give it another try. I repinged with success. I confirmed that the redirection to the Chinese blog was still gone and tried unsuccessfully again to resync my feed. I received the same error message I have been receiving all along with the resync option in Feedburner.

Just for the heck of it, I checked out both my original and my feed URL and guess what? Both feeds are now updated even though I am still getting the error message when trying to resync.

I have absolutely no idea why my feeds are all of a sudden working and can't help but wonder what I might find tomorrow.

The morale of the story? Beats me but maybe I should consider calling Ghost Busters as there are times I am convinced there is a Poltergeist living inside my computer!


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2 Responses to “My Journey Back from China”
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  1. Susan Fronk says:

    Compared to me, you have a doctorate in understanding computers, plug ins and Feeds! I am so dependent on my computer, but so intimidated by ever-changing technology, that I practically have an anxiety attack whenever I see a pop up for a software update! 

    • jweishaar says:

      Uh oh Susan, then you are in deep sneakers LOL. The real clue for me was the Chinese – otherwise I might not have noticed :). Re: anxiety attack – isn’t that why G-d made Xanax? Did I really write that? Oh well – the word today is total “transparency” right?

      Thanks for taking the time to read about my adventures.

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