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Who Are You and Why Should I Care?

who cares?Do you know how many businesses, both small and large are marketing their products and services on the web? Do you know how many articles and blog posts are written around the same content in various places on the Internet? Have you even wondered how and why there are a finite number of topics one can speak or write about yet an infinite number of discussions about them?

I read somewhere that it would take 57,000 years to read the entire Internet and then of course, once you were done, you would have to go back and start all over again because the web is dynamic and constantly changing. Now I don’t know about you, but that is way more time than I have so the challenge becomes how do YOU get your website, articles, blog posts, etc. read?

There is no easy answer but there are a few simple things to keep in mind. First of all, if you are a small business owner and can’t answer the questions “who are you?” and “why should I care?” – you better either figure out a way to answer those questions or find another career.

Your brand, your product or service, and your online personal and business reputation make up who you are. You need to be able to clearly define exactly what your offering is. If you are selling a specific product or line of products, the answer is fairly straightforward. But if your business is service-oriented, it might be a little more difficult to be able to clearly capture your service(s) in one phrase (your tagline). Keep in mind that if you as the business owner can’t summarize your service(s), your potential customers certainly won’t be able to either.

Next you need to be able to answer the question “why should I care”. What need does your business fill? What makes you better or different than your competitors?

Armed with these answers, you are in a better position to be “heard”.

About the Author

Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

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  1. This is a great article Julie. I learn something new and amazing every time I come. Thanks, you are a wealth of knowledge.

  2. Hi Michele – agreed! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Julie,
    These points you make are so important. Offering your YOU-ness is the most important quality of whatever YOU do.

  4. Hi Norma, ya think? Pretty soon no one will ever have to leave the comfort of their own cell phone :)

  5. We have created a world of attention deficit people!! (-_-) Everyone wants drive throughs, fast foods… UrK!!!! What are we coming to???
    Norma Doiron @ the LEARNED Preneur

  6. Hi Nancy. Freeing up time is a biggie :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Out-sourcing is something I will be taking a look at hopefully soon! I need to free up some time!

  8. WOW! Great post Julie…3 seconds! Not much time! LOL! I learn a lot when I come here! Thanks for sharing!

  9. AJ says:

    Great post Julie!
    Thanks for sharing,

  10. No doubt Manny! Rhonda, no matter how much things change, the basics do stay the same don’t they? Dr. Daisy, not only do we have to tell them, we have to make sure they “hear” us, right?

  11. Ah yes! This is so must be able to tell folks what you do and what makes you special from all the others that may do the same thing you do:) Thanks for the reminder!

  12. I’ve been in marketing for over 25 years and yes, these questions remain the same still: who are you and why should I care…or as I used to say to my clients, who are your clients and what can you do to help them? Everyone is looking for help…and the good new is, we each have something unique to offer that others will appreciate, once you can find your market.

  13. Julie, dealing from strength with knowledge of your product is supreme for anyone in business.

  14. Hi Sherie – No – 3 seconds is not a lot of time but don’t you agree that this about all you have? Glad you like little guys LOL they are cute!

  15. 3 seconds isn’t a lot of time!!!! Wow, Julie, thanks for the great video! I love those little guys, they are so cute! It looks like it is time for me to ask some questions…..Thank you!!!!

  16. TAREK HASAN says:

    From our early age we have heard , “health is the root of all the happiness ”. we all know it every well you most of us to do not follow it . when we are sick , we go to doctor

  17. Abigail says:

    a 3 second window is really difficult to achieve but nonetheless important for a website owner to show who they are and what they can do.. And by mastering this difficulty problem you can ensure that you can prove your worth.

  18. Mary says:

    Intresting article, thanks!

  19. @Dr. Daisy: I think in some cases you don’t even get that long! It’s a very competitive world out there!

    @Susan: Right on as always Susan – plan first right?

  20. Susan Oakes says:

    Good information Julie and I think service business should be able to capture in one sentence just like a product. Perhaps some have problem doing this because they go to work out a tag line with even developing their positioning first.

  21. Great tips and great site:) So we only have 3 seconds??? Hmmm… sometimes I wonder if folks even give you that long:) Great post!

  22. @Allison: Glad to be of help. The bottom line is you have about 3 seconds (or less) to let someone know what is in it for them or they are gone!

    @Anita – you aren’t kidding. It is not easy to not follow the latest new toy especially those from HUGE brands like “Google” :)

    @Solvita: What a lovely accolade. You made my day. To provide value is the name of the game and if I did that with you – then I am really glad!

    @Marie: Yup – that 3-second rule – grab their attention or they are gone. Not an easy task :)

    @Alexandra: Yes, you do need to know what message you want to give and say it as close to the top as possible.

    @Norma – ok maybe it is 4 seconds :)

    @Carl: Thanks for stopping by and leaving your footprint. Glad it was helpful to you :)

  23. Great post with valuable tips and applicable information!

  24. 3 Seconds??? Yikes! Where have I been hiding? Takes me more than 3 seconds to blink! (-_-) Great post…

    Norma Doiron

  25. Great informative post Julie! Thank you. Reminder to really think before blindly posting something.

  26. Marie says:

    A great reminder to evaluate with every blogpost, marketing piece, tweet and connection. Am I communicating clearly enough is something we should always be thinking about and not just online or in business. Thanks!

  27. Solvita says:

    This is great information, I like this site -always learning something new…just can’t get enough. Coming back soon – thank You! :)

  28. Anita says:

    Know who you are, focus focus focus…and serve the needs of your clients…easier said than done with all the shiny objects and the competition but it can be done! Great post!!

  29. Great info! As a new online business owner I need to be more crisp with who I am and what I’m offering. Such a fun process and learning so much! Thanks!

  30. A very useful tips. Before starting s business the owner should have a passion to it so that he can easily know what to do in how and what strategy be used in promoting your site.

  31. @Catarina: Do you remember when “they” used to say you had 7 seconds? Now it is 3 – but in reality I think it is even less! You are right, “what’s in it for me” is first. And I don’t blame anyone for this. We, as prospective customers/clients want to know the same answer. Right?

    @Aster – Yes that is why your tagline is so important. So is your elevator pitch. Check this out: cute video to illustrate the point :)

  32. Aster says:

    Brilliant tips, it might be a little more difficult to be able to clearly capture your service in one phrase your tagline… thanks

  33. Definitely Julie. In 3 seconds we all need to make anyone clicking on our site interested and want to know more. If not, that’s it.

    Then they have to find out why they should care and who you are. Actually think what’s in it for them i.e. why they should care is more important than who you are.

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