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How you say it is as important as what you say

deaf earsWhat you say has different meanings according to how you say it. Think about the following scenario:

A woman is in the kitchen and calls out to her husband who is sitting in the living room: "Can you please get me another roll of paper towels from the garage"? The man responds with "Yes dear".

If these words are spoken through clenched teeth, do you think this man means for the term "dear" to be a term of endearment? Of course not! Yet this same term minus the clenched teeth and used without anger is a term of endearment.

What does this mean from the perspective of a small business owner? It means that even if your marketing message is clear, concise, and valuable, if it is not delivered in an effective manner to the right target market, the value is lost.

As an example, one of my clients asked me to write a second marketing letter for him. We spoke about how he used the first marketing letter and what his results were when it became clear that although the message in the letter was right on the mark, his results were not only not measurable but questionable as to the value of the message medium.

The challenge for every small business owner is: 1) make sure you are addressing the right target market at the right time. 2) make sure your message is saying what you want it to say, and 3) make sure your message delivery is effective and measurable.

What kinds of things are you doing to make sure your message is being delivered in the most effective manner?

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Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

6 Responses to “It’s All in the Delivery…”
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  1. Hi Angelique. Thanks for leaving your footprint and for agreeing :)

  2. Angelique says:

    I agree with Julie… it's both the message and the delivery that's matter. :)

  3. Hi Catherine. Of course, the message and/or call to action also has to be compelling/relevant/valuable – it is really both the message and the delivery that matter right?

  4. Absolutely – it's the delivery of the call to action which makes all the difference.  :)

  5. Hey SHerryl,
    You are definitely successful in your online delivery of your messages. I hear you when you write that it is difficult to not say "What are you thinking?" or worse! I have seen people who actually DO write what they are thinking and in my opinion, it really ruins their online reputation.

  6. Great example of saying something yet conveying different intentions based on your facial expressions and tone of voice. The challenge of communication that's not face-to-face is that you miss those signals.
    I try to deliver my online messages effectively be being especially careful of the words that I choose. I make sure to reread and edit everything that I post. Even then, occasionally, I'm wary that my words may not come off as intended. I want to be real and honest while not offending someone. At the same time, sometimes, it's hard to not say… "what are you thinking?". :)

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