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Psycho Without Music Just Isn’t The Same

The best way I can think of to illustrate the importance of music in bringing out emotions is the movie Psycho. We all remember the powerful “Shower Scene”. Watch it below WITH music.


Now watch the same clip WITHOUT music:


Now granted, it is not a pleasant scene even without music, but the impact is just NOT the same, is it?

This illustrates how important music is and how it elicits specific emotions in us depending upon the type of music we are listening to. When we hear a song by the Beach Boys, many of us are reminded of our youth and of course, the beach. We all have certain associations with certain kinds of music. If we are in a mellow mood, we like to listen to music that relaxes us. Nightclubs don’t play Moonlight Sonata or Clair de Lune because people want to boogie in a night club, right?

Careful selection of music is imperative when creating videos for your business. It is very important to match the mood of the music to the intended tone of the video. Selecting just the “right” music for my videos and for my clients’ videos takes almost as long as creating the video itself, it is THAT important.

I created a video book trailer for the book Walking With Jason, written by Jason’s father. The story is about a young man named Jason and his struggles to be an effective wilderness educator working with teens on wilderness expeditions learning to believe in themselves. Jason tragically lost his life while on a climbing vacation in British Columbia. When selecting the music for this video, I wanted to capture the emotional depth of the content and the writer. Jason’s father sent me a message asking if I chose my music by listening to which one would make him cry the most. He was very pleased with my selection. It takes time to find just the right selection of music for any given project.

When creating my dad’s video book trailer, I needed to find something upbeat and funny as the book I compiled of his stories is extremely funny. I knew I wanted something bouncy and fun, like the Little Rascals music, but because of stringent copyright laws, I couldn’t use the actual Little Rascal’s music. I searched until I found just the “right” emotional message I wanted to convey.

In Buyer Beware: Buzz Words/Phrases That Are Really Annoying, the content is tongue-in-cheek so i selected music that was a bit goofy.

In Increase Your Sales Revenue With The Power of Video there are several moods or themes in the same video and the music changes accordingly.

Notice how in Fraud On The High Seas the music changes as the message changes. It is highly possible that you will want to bring out different emotions from one video – even if it is a short video. This can be done by careful selection of just the “right” music.

If done right with carefully-selected music, you can convey your message to your audience without speaking it. So the power of video is greatly enhanced with the power of music in delivering messages and conveying emotions.

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