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You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…Or Can You?

Our parents always taught us that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a person by what they look like. However, as adults, we now know that this isn’t normally true. Many people ARE judged by what they look like. This is not necessarily fair but it is often the case…unfortunately.

Think about those in the entertainment field. Not the ones who have already made it, but the hundreds of thousands who are trying to be discovered. There are an awful lot of extremely talented people in the world who are trying to be discovered. It is a known fact that many casting agents already know the “look” they want for a certain part, however, they don’t share that with the thousands of people who stand in line all day long for an audition. Many an aspiring actor or actress gets up in the wee hours of the morning to wait in a very long line in inclement weather to FINALLY make it to the stage where they are looked at ONLY and told “thank you very much”. In other words, you don’t have the look we want and we don’t need to see what you have spent hours or days preparing for this audition. Not an easy pill to swallow and it takes a very tough skin to be able to deal with this kind of rejection over and over and over again.

Think about this in terms of online content.

The increasing popularity of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are proof that images (looks) DO matter. What is the best way to get someone to read your content? Wrap it in a visually-appealing, attention-grabbing image as the hook.

In Don’t Let Your Images Blow Up Your Blog, very clearly states that: “Using images in your blog posts and marketing creatives is NOT optional.” She then goes on to offer suggestions on where to find LEGAL images that won’t get you sued and other very important things about images that bloggers NEED to know about like DMCA take-own claims,  in an effort to educate bloggers on how to get their job done using creative images the “right” way!

One of the best ways to use creative imagery without getting into trouble is to create them yourself.

As we are not all born graphic designers, we need to rely on great tools or be in the position to pay others to create these images for us. One of the best tools I have found is called Logo Creator. It is user-friendly and allows the typical non-techie blogger to create awesome looking images, banners, logos and more for a price affordable by all.

How to Look Like a Designer Without Being One

Take a look at some of the really cool images you, too, can create using Logo Creator!

If you love what you see but don’t have the time to do it yourself, contact us and we can create awesome-looking images FOR you at a cost you can easily afford. Or…
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