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Contact Page vs Lead Capture Page – Aren’t They The Same Thing?

stinking lead capture page

NO! A Contact Page is a Contact Page and a Lead Capture Page is a Lead Capture Page – DUH :)

What is a Contact Form? It is a form on your website that the visitor can fill out IF they have a question for you or IF want to talk to you. After they fill out the contact form, the onus is on you to respond to their inquiry. That is fine as business is all about building relationships to get your prospects to know, like, and trust you, right? So your website visitor takes a look around your website and sees something they have a question about. They complete your form and you get back to them – this is all a good thing. You can decide when creating whatever form you are going to use, what fields you want them to fill out. In other words, you can customize your form.

HOWEVER, what if someone comes to your site and DOESN’T fill out your contact form? Will you know they were there?

What if they didn’t have a question, or they found your site not clear enough, or your contact form was not easily accessible (things you CAN control)? How will you follow-up with them to see how you can help them if you don’t even know they were there? The answer is simple – you can’t!

Here is The Difference Between a Contact Form and Lead Capture Form

First of all, you are going to strategically place your lead capture form on your website where they CAN’T miss it.

Yes, you can and should also do that with your contact form. But herein lies the difference.

You WANT your website visitors to leave their contact information so you CAN follow up with them in a series of well-thought out and well-written auto-responders.

Auto-responders are a series of emails sent out over a period of time (YOU decide the time between emails) that continue to provide value to your potential clients/customers who are now on your “list” because they have opted in to your list by completing your lead capture form. Your auto-responder campaign is ATTACHED TO your lead capture form so this process takes place behind the scenes and is activated by an “opt-in”.

Now why would you expect someone to just GIVE you their contact information? You shouldn’t unless you give them a reason to.

You will give them something they need or want and in turn, they will give you their contact information. Value for value. There are certain things to keep in mind when creating your lead capture form. First and foremost, is make sure it is seen above the fold and prominently displayed on your website. You also have a few different options. You can use the actual embed form code or you can create a banner that leads to a lead capture form where you are still collecting contact information. You might want to try a combination and see which works best. You want to ask as few questions as possible when filling out the required fields of your survey/lead capture form. The less a website visitor is asked to do, the more likely they will do it. I always like to make the phone number field mandatory as I want a way to follow-up with my leads. If they aren’t willing to give me their phone number, changes are they would not be a valuable lead for me.

Example of Lead Capture

Email Address:

Another Example of Lead Capture

lead capture

Value for Contact Information

What can you give your prospects that they will perceive as valuable? Some say the e-Book is over-used, I, however, maintain that the quality and content of the e-Book will determine its value.

If the content is relevant to your target and it is helpful, then it is still valuable.

Where do you get an e-Book? Well there are plenty of places to purchase or get FREE e-Books but chances are that others are using the same e-Books.

The BEST way to get your hands on an e-Book? Create your own.

That’s right! Sound like a daunting task? Well, it isn’t.  Consider this:  You are an expert on something. You have knowledge in your head that you can share with your target market. The process will consist of your taking that valuable content out of your brain and putting it into a format that you can share. Start thinking about what you have of value that you can share with your target.

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