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Getting a Great Client Testimonial is Easy!

can i have a testimonialDo a GOOD job! This is not exactly rocket science. If you deliver a product or service that:

Delivers what you said you would deliver

Is superior in quality

Is exactly what the client wanted

You will have a happy client!

Happy clients tell other potential clients

Happy clients get you more sales!

The best source of new clients is REFERRALS from happy previous clients

How to Ask Your Client for a Testimonial!

Again, this is not rocket science – JUST ASK THEM! If your client is NOT happy with your work, more often than not, you will know about it. When people are NOT happy, they are usually quick to let you know. And this is OK and how it should be. Yes, there are some people who are very difficult to please, and you might do everything in your power to make them happy but to no avail. Your only options at that point are to 1) return their money or 2) accept that you can’t please them. However, if they do ask for a refund, it would probably be in your best interest to return their money as your reputation could be on the line. Even if the client is totally off-base and inaccurate in their dissatisfaction, if they are vocal  – especially on the web – it could really hurt your business. This is why it is really important to try to get to know your potential client BEFORE they become a client. There are certain red flags that those who are impossible to please will wave in front of your face and this will give you the opportunity to NOT accept that client. YES, it is your prerogative to turn clients down.

The reverse is also true! When a client is pleased with your work, most of them will let you know. THAT is the time to ask for a testimonial.

What Kind of Testimonial Should You Ask For and How Can They Deliver It?

When I am working on a project for a client, I usually send them a request to connect on Linkedin. Once the project is completed, Linkedin has a built-in recommendation process making it very simple for your client to write something nice about you. Click on your profile in Linkedin. Then click the arrow next to edit profile as seen in the image below. Follow the prompts by selecting your Linkedin connection and Linkedin sends the request for you!

linkedin profile testimonial request

How to Add Linkedin Testimonials on Your WordPress Blog or Website!

That’s easy too. Try the Testimonials Widget.  See what it can look like on a website page and in a sidebar widget HERE! 

Are you getting testimonials from YOUR happy clients?

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