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A Remarkable Web Presence Will Be Remembered

How to be remarkable

Unless you are in a VERY unusual niche market, your online competition is fierce, so you want to be sure your online content is creative and different so that it will be remembered.

Simply put, when your content solves a problem, meets a need or satisfies a want, it’s likely to be good content. However, that is not enough. You should also over-deliver and surpass all expectations so that the visitors to your content will be glad they found you.

You also need to be creative, and different so that your content will stand out from all the other similar content on the web today. You want to be sure that YOUR content is what is remembered when your target market is ready to make a purchase decision.

When Marketing Your Product or Service Remember Who “It” Is About

it is all about me isn't it

When creating your content or ads online, do NOT start out talking about what your product or service does. No one cares about what you do unless it can help them. Start out by touching on a pain point or need of your potential target, then talk about what your solution is for that problem.

For instance, I am an affiliate for a product called VideoMakerFX. In my images, videos, ads, etc. I don’t start out with what the product does. Rather, I ask the question: “Do you want to be able to create videos like the pros?” If someone does NOT want to create their own videos they will not pay attention to the rest of the content. If they do, then they will continue reading or watching. As an aside, there are many who DO want to create videos like the pros :) even though there are still many who want others to create the videos for them.

Remember, in order to stand out from all the noise on the Internet, you have to be remarkable and beyond!

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