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What is Your Ideal Client Looking For? What is a Valuable Offer to Them?

valuable optinThe first thing you have to do is identify who your ideal client IS  before you can determine what a valuable offer would be for them. In other words, you need to really know who your target market is.

You want to be able to provide them with something that THEY will see as useful and valuable so that they will give you their contact information to receive this value.

What is your idea client looking for? Why should they care about your offerings?

It Is Sort of Like Dating

1) Who do you want on your list?
2) Who do you want to attract to your site?

Your ideal client is someone who has problems you can solve and who sees you as a valuable necessity not a necessary evil.  Building your list with a valuable offer is a way to connect with someone – like a first date. The value you continue to provide will determine whether or not your potential client will want to continue “dating” you and stay on your list to receive more value.  You want to be the source they turn to when they need to turn a problem into a solution from YOUR offering(s).

How To Create a Valuable Opt-in Offer For Your Target Market

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  1. I really like the video. It really educate me on how to impress my valuable clients.

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks heines – I love to create videos. Nice to see when they are appreciated :)

  3. heines says:

    In business, we should develop the art of attracting customer. Awesome video. thanks much. :)

  4. I just go through the article. it’s really awesome. i appreciate your work. I think people should go through it. Thanks.

  5. Nolan says:

    Once you’ve learned what’s your ideal customer is looking for, when they hang out online, what makes them want to buy and more, you can easily place your marketing message in front of them on a continual basis so that they learn to recognize your name, your product, and ultimately, you.


  6. Madeleine Nibbi says:

    I agree with you guys, its very helpful to everyone especially to increase our subscriber and brings a lot of customers. More customer, means more money.

  7. carol says:

    The video really helps everyone.Thanks for posting it.

  8. Annica Bulse says:

    The video really helps a lot to get potential clients. I got a lot of learning from the video.

  9. Hey..!!! I just go through the video. it’s really awesome. I think people should go through it. Thanks.

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