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How Do Local Businesses Compete on the Web


Small or local business owners are concerned about TWO things; running their business and making more sales – PERIOD! The Internet has helped these businesses by leveling the playing field where they can compete with their larger counterparts on the world wide web EXCEPT…they don’t have the same LARGE budget as the “big” guys to invest in hiring professionals to do some of the activities they are either unable to do or don’t have the time to do. In addition, they don’t have the resources readily available to them to them to keep up with all the changes in technology, search, social media, etc.

What Are Some of the Options Available to Small Business Owners?

  • They can Outsource which of course costs money. But then again there are a multitude of options available in every price range so outsourcing is a viable option.
  • They can try to do it themselves which will more than likely make them dizzy UNLESS they use an awesome product like VideoMakerFX
  • They can just NOT do it and lose business – NOT a good business decision

The Internet is a Double-Edged Sword

double edge swordWhat does this mean? It means that if a local or small business owner does NOT have an online and social media presence, they will lose business. Why? Because more than likely their competitors DO! And, social media plays a huge role in being found in search these days, so if you are not on the social web, you will lose. The reality is that NOT having an online presence can hurt you but having one will not necessarily bring in more business.

What is the Solution For Small Business Owners?

The only good solution is to do the best you can as a small business owner. You should have a website. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate one, but it does need to clearly demonstrate what your offering is. It should be clear and easy to navigate and of course, should be keyword-rich and tagged by location if you are a brick and mortar business with a physical location. There are plenty of affordable website designers as well as tons of information on how to do it yourself.

Marketing And Advertising Have Been Reduced to One Word…VIDEO

Video Marketing

I am a firm believer in re-purposing content. Watch the video below to see how a small business owner can use a video to make his/her website dynamic, while using the same video to educate potential clients/customers, AND maintain a social media presence.

How Local Business Owners Can Use Video To Keep Google Happy, Rank Higher In Search, And Be Social

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