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DELIVERING VIDEOWhether you’re a Doctor, Lawyer or you’re a beauty salon owner using video is a great way to deliver your marketing message to consumers. But, how do you get your marketing message to consumers and potential clients?  Using multimedia is very effective as a form of marketing both on and off the Internet. If you make a professional video that catches the attention of the viewer you can use your words, and the scene to tell a storythat gets results. But – only if you get the video to your target market.

There are many ways to get your marketing message to consumers when you use video. You can use your blog as the delivery method, plus YouTube and social media. But, you can also use your video as a local commercial on your local Television Station. The types of videos created for you by a professional service provider, or yourself, can be very well done with simple technology that anyone can have in their home office.

Research is consistently showing that approximately 80 percent of online searches for information result in a local offline purchase. (Pew Research) Further research shows that audiences respond well to video on the net. You can send video via email auto-responder, via pay-per-view webinars, group conferencing, branded video services and free services such as YouTube. To be honest, your video doesn’t even have to be perfect to be effective. Of course, it always depends on your market but if you’ve studied your market well, you will know exactly what they need and want.

Videos are effective because they engage the audience in a new way. Your potential client can see your face if you so desire, look into your eyes if you will, and get to know you in a new way. People buy from those they know, like and trust, and video is the perfect way to deliver a message that sparks a trusting feeling from viewers. They feel closer to you, and like they know you more, and they’re more apt to buy from you.

Videos are easy to create today and with just a little technical know-how you can publish them in minutes to the destination of your choice. If you’re not sure exactly what type of content to put on your video, why not look back at your blogs and articles that you’ve created over the years and repurpose some of that content into a video? If you’re super creative you might even end up with a viral video on your hands so take the necessary steps by being prepared for more site visitors, more newsletter signups and more feet in the door of your local business. The marketing methods that work for Internet marketers will work for local businesses as long as you remember who your target market is, speak directly to them, giving them exactly what they need and want.

When you distribute your video content on the Internet, be sure that you include local keywords in the descriptions, and local keywords in the text, as well as the title of your video and all your online marketing materials. By using video to market your local business you’ll be one step ahead of the competition because most local business owners don’t know the information you’re reading here. They do not know yet, the power of online video marketing for your local bricks and mortar business.

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Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

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  1. Hi RiA, Yes, I have TONS of “stuff” on video marketing. You can download a free guide here: Here is another post about video marketing:, Here are some DIY tips: Hope those help!

  2. Dear Admin

    What a great article i am searching in google from couple of days about “Getting Your Marketing Message to Consumers via Video” but didnt find any great way,but my search came to an end after visiting your blog.!!!Do you have any more related articles or ideas related to “Getting Your Marketing Message to Consumers via Video”,it will help me in my further research work…Will keep following your articles…


  3. Yup – the shorter the better – however, sometimes, when the message is a little longer, you can get away with a slightly longer video. Just did one for a Home Inspector and the music was so cool that the 3 1/2 minute video went by very quickly :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Julie, your are right. A few days back I did a small project for one of my client’s on video animation. Had to write a few articles. While researching I found that video animation is a great tool to increase your business, and the time limit should be no more than 90 seconds. 90 secs are more than enough to make the maximum impact on the viewer.

  5. HI Mia, my name is Julie and I would be more than happy to help you with what you need for your research. Please contact me at and I would be happy to help out where I can.

  6. Dear Admin,

    I landed upon your article”Getting Your Marketing Message to Consumers via Video”from google, Actually i am doing a research work on”Video Marketing”,found your article useful for my research work. Actually i was looking for more related articles on your blog but unfortunately didnt find anymore of it.Hope read more related articles in coming days…I will keep following your blog till then


  7. Hi Lexi, thanks for sharing your video success story. Can you share more about the type of video you created, where/how you promoted it, and what the results were? :)

  8. Lexi says:

    I used to avoid video marketing because writing marketing copies is much quicker but after my first video, it was so well received so yes, I agree, video marketing does make a world of difference!

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