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Lead Captured! Done, Right?

from lead to sale

Not even close! Capturing leads is the FIRST step towards converting website visitors into customers or clients. Yes, the Internet has made it easier to reach larger targets of people in a MUCH larger geographical area (like Global) but you need to do much more while leveraging the Internet to capture those leads.

Improve Relationships With Your List

Regardless of the size of your list of contacts, the better relationship you have with your list, the more likely you are to get them to buy from you. Remember, people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. building relationshipsIf you are using auto-responders, make sure to personalize them. Don’t used canned emails that don’t let the recipient get a chance to “know you”. That would be defeating the purpose of email marketing. If you are using a program that gives you shared auto-responders, by all means, use the campaigns, HOWEVER, make a copy and personalize them. Make sure they are speaking in your “voice”. For instance, when I use auto-responders, which of course I do, I write like I speak, just as if I am literally talking to you. I have gotten a few responses that refer to the “email I sent ‘them’! This is a compliment in that the recipient felt as though it was a personal email – which in essence – it was, even though it is part of an AUTO-responder campaign.

Increase Value To Your List

increase value to your list

Another way to Improve the Relationship with your list is to increase the value you provide for your list.  How? Share what you have learned – information you know will help your target. Give away free information – even if it isn’t your own. People love free things – they will be grateful for your sharing free value you have found with them. Remember, a subscriber can UN-subscribe from your list at any time. Make your content valuable enough to make them WANT to stay on your list!

Increase Exposure to Your List

If you are using an auto-responder and you come across something really valuable for your target (your list), send them an email – even if it is not included in your automated auto-responders. Again, if your target is interested in your area of expertise, this information will be valued by them. How about sending out holiday emails? People like to be remembered on holidays – it makes them feel special – because they ARE special!

From Lead Capture to Close…And Everything In-Between

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