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What Can Video Emails do For Business Owners?

As you know by now, if you are running a business, ANY business, you HAVE to stay in touch with your clients/customers and prospects. As you also know, email is the most cost-effective solution.

So, How Can You Improve Your Chances of Getting Your Email Read?

  • Connect with your audience
  • Be different
  • Be valuable
  • Be helpful
  • Solve problems
  • Be creative
  • And more….

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out: Send Video Emails TO Your Target Market

Try Video Emails – You and Your List Might Like Them

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Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

4 Responses to “Emails That Suck or Emails That Rock – The Choice is Yours”
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  1. It is really effective to use video emails in getting the attention of your clients. Business owners must choose video emails to send on their clients since it could grab more attention to the clients and this video email could make the clients more understand your products and services.

  2. Videos are a better way to fetch any customer’s faith comparing to the website content any normal email marketing.

  3. Thanks Juliette. Yes, email marketing is the most cost-effective way to communicate in today’s market. Using video emails adds a whole new dimension in its ability to connect by adding that personal touch, creativity, allowing your email to stand out above the others in someone’s inbox, etc. It allows the business owner to establish a relationship and build trust – again very important. And of course, video has much more power than text. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Juliette says:

    Any Email marketing is done with the potential customers due to its value and marketing procedures. The utilization of video email marketing can be an intelligent step for any business who wants to reach directly to their potential clients rather than just spread some sales pitch and showing some advertising of their company. Videos are a better way to fetch any customer’s faith comparing to the website content any normal email marketing.

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