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A Quick Look at Email Marketing From New Horizons 123

list building email marketing Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing used today. It has immediate and easily measurable results. The most important factor in email marketing is list building.

No matter how good or creative your offer, if you don’t have a good list, you won’t get the response you want.

The good news is that building an effective email opt-in list is easy as 1-2-3. Successful list building includes retention:

Customer Satisfaction

  • Building trust
  • Up-sell capabilities

Self-Sustaining Programs

  • Provide value
  • Special offers
  • Customers loyalty promotions
  • And more…

New List Subscribers

  • Attract new potential customers/clients
  • Build your list.

Email marketing programs are quick to deploy. They offer immediate and easily measurable results, enable advanced customer segmentation and personalization, they integrate well with other online and offline marketing, and deliver a high ROI.

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