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Is Marketing “King” or is Content “King”?

kingThe answer is both.  “Value” is “king”. If you are providing value for someone else, what you are providing is “king”.

If you, as a marketer, convince consumers that what you are marketing is necessary and valuable, then through your marketing efforts, you have made what you are marketing “king”. There is something to be said for CREATIVITY! Consider the “Pet Rock” craze. Who would have thought anyone would pay money for a ROCK? Well, they did!

If ever there were a case for how marketing can create a need within the consumer, the Pet Rock would be it. What creative marketing genius could make us think we could get pleasure from taking care of a pet that was a rock?

Gary Dahl, Pet Rock Inventor, did just that. Read all about this example of a genius marketer at work at Pet Rock That Made Man a Multi-Millionaire in 6 Months Lives On.

If you happen to have a “Pet Rock” and want to know how to care for it…

Pet Rock Care, Part 1

Hmm…creativity IS important in your marketing. If your message is conveyed in an engaging, interesting, and/or fun way, the more likely your message will be “HEARD”. After all, isn’t that what you want for your target market to do? To “hear” what you are offering? Video offers a great way to be creative and capture your audience’s attention! Have you tried video in your marketing yet? If not, why not?

Who wants to help me create the next “pet rock” phenomenon?

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