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Create Awesome Videos To Boost Conversions and Sales

DIY Video

You already know that using video is NO longer an OPTION!. It is not a matter of why but where and how. You are reading this post because you want to put the power of video to work for your business. As we know:

  • Users tend to click on videos more than clicking on image links and other advertising banners, increasing your chances of your video being viewed by more users online compared to a banner image.
  • By using video, you enhance your website and the user experience, and also encourage your visitors to stay on your website longer, giving your business the opportunity to convert more sales.
  • Visitors don’t have time to go through paragraphs of text, as they may be busy or to be honest too lazy to read, they would rather listen and watch a short entertaining video to get the message they want quickly.

So now that we got that out of the way, you are still reading this because you are a DIYer and want to create your own videos.

So Many Options, Which Ones Are Best?

True, there are a lot of options for DIY Video Marketers and there are also MANY different ways to create videos. As a video marketer myself, I use a multitude of tools and platforms to create videos for myself and for clients. VideoMakerFX is one of the best products I have seen to-date for animation, whiteboard, kinetic text, logo openers, corporate presentations, photo showcases, lower thirds, and more – rolled into ONE single platform.

Keep in mind that whenever you use a template, there will always be some limitations – that is what a template is. For instance, if you wanted a lot of flexibility for whiteboard animations only, this product might not be your best choice. A better one for whiteboard animations only is VideoScribe.  BUT VideoScribe is ONLY for whiteboard videos – a great product platform but only allows you to create ONE kind of video. This is one of the reasons I don’t believe that products like VideoMakerFX or VideoScribe will put video marketers like myself out of business. We utilize many different tools and platforms and because we specialize in video creation, we do know more :)

Back to VideoMakerFX…

VideoMakerFX was introduced to the market by software and design expert Peter Roszak. VideoMakerFX pre-launched with a price tag of $27 – when I purchased it. The price has been raised several times and is currently $57. This special reopening price (the platform was closed for a few weeks while enhancements were made) will remain for less than two days more. After that, the price will go WAY up because:

  1. It can!
  2. It is worth it

 Do You Want to Make Videos Like This?

Now You Can. Get Your Copy of VideoMakerFX Today BEFORE the Price Goes up…Again!

You will see many upgrades after you make a purchase. I DID purchase the Pro Themes Pack and the VideoMakerFX Training and Themes.  For the average user, just the single purchase is more than enough. IF HOWEVER, you decide at a later date to come back and order the upgrades, here are their links:

VideoProfitFX Training & Themes

ProThemes Add On Membership

ProThemes Pack

Grab Some  FREE Images For Your Videos and Other Projects

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Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

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