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Piktochart is an Easy Infographic Design App That Requires Very Little Effort to Produce Beautiful, High Quality Graphics

Making your information look beautiful

When infographics became the rage, I remember being intimidated by how difficult they looked to create and how cool they looked at the same time. I tried my hand at a few different ones and am thrilled to have found Piktochart.

Because humans are visual beings, the ability to relay what might otherwise be construed as boring text, in a beautiful pictorial representation of data, without having to hire designers, is a huge asset for the average “Joe”.

Piktochart is easy to use, fun, and effective. As with many programs, there is a free version and an upgraded version. The free version is what I used in the infographic below.

There are many templates to choose from and a blank one where you can create your own design. The process is simple. Tell your story, make it beautiful and share it. That’s it. They even have graphics for you to use as the free version only enables you to upload 20 images. I found this out as I tried to upload the 21st image :) However, there is a very large selection of graphics to choose from intuitively categorized to make your life easier.

The best part from a video marketer’s perspective? You can even include videos in your infographic. How cool is that?

Check out my infographic below and head on over to Piktochart to create one for yourself!

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3 Responses to “Create Infographics Easily With Piktochart”
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  1. Sagar says:

    I have used piktochart and it was really very easy and good. I always wanted to create inforgraphics for my articles Piktochart is very easy to use and all the functions will be just beside in the sidebar which made even things great. The one thing I liked is we can upload any image from our PC to add to that infographic.

    I truly had fun working on piktochart website. We need not any tutorial to start with it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ti Roberts says:

    This seems like a REALLY neat tool and I can def see myself using it as I want to learn how to create my own infographics to add to my blog posts. Thanks a bunch for sharing this neat tool with us. :)


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