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Know What Your Competition is Doing and Where They are Doing it

Subscribe to their blog posts. Read the comments on their blogs. You can gain a lot of insight reading blog comments. Learn about your competitors in “real time”.  Set up Google alerts for your competitor’s brand. Include the words “launches” and “announces”.

Understanding what your competitors are doing online is a must, especially when launching a new website in a competitive space.

The Purpose of Competitive Intelligence and Maintenance is to:

  • Understand what direction your competitors are heading in and how they are getting there.
  • Identify key differentials and attributes for your biggest competitors and for your own company.competition
  • Know what your competition is doing in their SEO and social media space
  • Gain a better knowledge of your competitors’ online marketing strategy
  • Emulate what is working for your competitors
  • Generate internal ideas based on what you discover to stay pro-active in your marketing efforts
  • Learn what your competition is doing in terms of on-site SEO, link building, social media marketing, developing third party properties and other search marketing tactics
  • Identify potential new threats which are making it up the rankings
  • Discover tactics which are working (or not) for your competitors, improve upon them, and thrive in your overall marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis: Staying Ahead of the Competition

Are You Using Video In Your Overall Marketing Mix? Are Your Competitors?

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