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How to Make YOUR Marketing Message Stand Out

How Do You Make Sure Your Marketing Message is Heard as Your Target Travels Along the Information Highway? You must first identify your ideal client. Clearly describe what you do. Use action words. Don’t be boring! Deliver your message in video. Pinpoint the main benefits of your offering(s). ...

HOW Do I Actually Use Video in MY Business?

Some Insights into the “How” of using Video You have been hearing from me and others for quite some time now that you NEED to be using video in your brand promotion. But how and in what ways can you actually do this? I have launched a new website called Say it With Video that […]...

Elevator Pitches: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

What Makes a Good Elevator Pitch? Jeannette Paladino, Writer-in-Chief at Write Speak Sell and Patricia Weber, Business Coach for Introverts and Shy suggest that some people struggle with coming up with an effective elevator pitch because they haven't thought through their personal brands. Pat an...

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