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Are You Using The Power of Video to Promote Your Brand?

Are You Using The Power of Video to Promote Your Brand?

Why is Video for Business so Powerful? The business climate today is all about how to make your marketing message heard above all the “noise” of competing marketing messaging in an age where we are all faced with “information overload” to the nth degree. Business owners are always looking fo...

Does Your Business Still Need a Website?

Guest blog by Barnabas Nagy | FurlongDesign creative design studio | | | | +44 77 99 56 56 26 Today I dared to open one of the archived newsletters from Entrepreneur. Since I am a web designer I don’t like reading titl...

A Look at Your Site From Your Viewer’s Eyes

There is a common theme running through all effective marketing – that is perception vs reality. It applies to your branding (the message you are trying to relay vs the perception of the message), your client's needs (what they really want vs what you think they want) and your website (how...

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How can the Small Business Owners Compete Against the Giants?

The small business owner has to do whatever he/she does better than the competition does. Successful marketing efforts in the current marketing environment need to address the consumer of today who is drastically different than the consumer of yesterday. Today’s consumers are not interested in...

SEO Pricing Models – Finding the Best Bang for Your Buck!

"Getting the highest ROI (return on investment) for your marketing efforts is the ultimate goal of internet marketing. But with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) pricing models all across the board, it may be like trying to find a needle in the haystack." R...

The Power and Influence of Press Release Marketing to Promote Your Brand

What is a press release? It is the dissemination of information or the communication of something newsworthy to the press. At least that was the traditional definition of a press release. Today, we have the ability to reach a huge audience via the Internet. Would it be beneficial for a member of the...

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