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Who Has a Longer Memory – an Elephant or the Internet?

Did You Know that Elephants are More Intelligent than Humans? Yup, that is what the scientists tell us. The elephant brain is denser than the human’s, and the temporal lobes, associated with memory, are more developed than in humans. Elephant’s lobes also have more foldings, so that they...

Online and Offline Networking Etiquette

Is There a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Behave While Networking? Yes! There are certain agreed upon behaviors that are not considered acceptable when networking on and offline. Jumping right in with a sales pitch is frowned upon in both online and offline social networking. Would you go to a wedding...

Small Business Owner: You = Your Brand

As a small business owner, exactly who and what are you marketing? If your company makes widgets the widgets are what you want to sell right? Right. However, how does a widget participate and engage in social media marketing? How does one establish a relationship with a widget? How can a widget be a...

Social Media Marketing: Top Ten Mistakes Companies are Making!

Social Media Marketing: Top Ten Mistakes Companies are Making!...

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