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The Big Bad Plugin Monster

WordPress is a wonderful platform for both websites and blogs. It offers tremendous functionality in general and even more functionality via plugins. You can do all sorts of neat things with plugins that unless you have technical abilities, you wouldn’t normally be able to do. HOWEVER, just li...

My Journey Back from China

A few days ago I noticed that my Feedburner feed was not updating so I began the long, confusing journey to find out why and fix it. Easier said than done. On my journey, I discovered from the Troubleshooting option at that there was a problem with my original feed at Feedburner that ...

My Technical Angel!

Adam Kreitman is my technical angel. I don't know Adam. I have never met Adam. Adam doesn't know me. Yet he is still my angel. Why? Because Adam has technical knowledge and experience I don't have and Adam just so happened to have had the same problem I was having with Internet Explorer ...

Man’s Best Friend

Our dogs know the true meaning of unconditional love even if they don’t have any sense of timing – which is actually a nice thing. When you go out to get the mail and come in two seconds later, your pup is so incredibly excited to see you – right? I often wonder HOW we […]...

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