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Why is Video for Business so Powerful?

VIDEO WORKS SUPERHEROThe business climate today is all about how to make your marketing message heard above all the “noise” of competing marketing messaging in an age where we are all faced with “information overload” to the nth degree. Business owners are always looking for ways to maintain a competitive advantage and to be able to connect with their customers and potential customers in an effort to create a personal connection.

With the increased usage of the latest technologies, if also becomes a challenge for the business owner to figure out how to use all the technology that is available to increase brand exposure and deepen relationships with customers and potential customers.

Online video is the future, the latest trend, and continues to rise in popularity. Key indicators point to corporations embracing online video as an essential marketing tool.Sited in Internet Retailer (2012), Living Direct, an online retailer, found that videos boosted conversion and increased time on sites by 9%. According to MediaPost (2013), 57% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. Online video is expected to grow significantly more than search engine marketing, display ads, and email marketing.

social shareWhen you see an interesting video on the Internet, you tend to post the link on Twitter, Facebook, or share it by emailing it to friends. They pass it on to their friends and the effect multiplies spreading your message quickly, resulting in massive exposure. This is called viral marketing and carries tremendous power via brand exposure at very little cost. Using video helps others connect with your brand because it now has a face that others can identify with and adds that personal touch that is so important in establishing, maintaining, and enhancing relationships.

Online video is going to increase in popularity according to a study by eMarketer that reported 152 million people were watching online video in 2008. By 2012 that number, according to the study, is expected to soar to 190 million.

Video adds a new dimension to the written word. If one uses videos of themselves speaking their message, they are able to use humor, physical expression, and eye-contact adding a totally new layer of personalization. If one chooses to use an animated video, the element of entertainment is added and with a musical background, adds an emotional effect as music brings out emotions in people.

Using video turns a static website into a dynamic, interactive destination. Video requires the viewer to use more of their senses making your message more memorable.

You can use video to demonstrate a product that will educate your customers, show your product or service in action, save time and money on customer service by being proactive, train clients remotely saving time and money on travel expenses, and expand your target market beyond your local geographical area.

Businesses who use video to promote their brand are giving a human face to their corporate website. You can include a short video welcoming visitors to your website, introduce yourself and other members of your company, or record a customer testimonial to show your value to others.

Using videos encourages engagement with your brand and in this day where relationships carry so much weight this is a very important aspect of video marketing. If you regularly provide valuable video content, you will be encouraging repeat visits to your website.

Even though the use of video is increasing and studies indicate it will continue to increase, there are still many industries that don’t use video as a common practice. If your competitors don’t yet use video, you’ll be able to set yourself apart by using video on your website.

In this age where people want instant gratification and easily accessible information, videos provide an easy method of relaying information to others. At the click of a button, you can promote your brand, advertise a special, make an announcement, sell your service, etc. rather than requiring your target market to read text.

When compared to traditional methods of promoting products like text ads, banner ads, and printed promotions, videos are more cost effective and provide a much more valuable and memorable experience for the end-user.

The Power of Video & Customized Animations to Promote Your Brand

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Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

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  1. Hi Jasmine. Thanks for your comment and appreciation. I definitely have fun making these videos, so it is a win-win :)

  2. Hi Rob. LOL – Maybe you need to buy him a NEW camera. I will stop telling you about video. The next post will be about QR codes, OK? :)

  3. Rob Berman says:

    You keep telling me I need to do more video.  It is on the list.  If only  my son would get his Flip camera fixed.  He used it twice and it broke.  I guess I will need to step in and help him. I wondered if Keyuri would think that is the correct thing to do for a 12 year old?

  4. Jasmine says:

    Videos are a great way to increase traffic.  The results come much quicker with video advertisements than with articles or other text advertisements.  I like you advise here and I think it is something that many people can incorporate into their businesses quite easily!  And it is a lot of fun, too!  The more fun you have with it, the better the results!

  5. @Catarina: Thanks for your comments and I am "hearing" yours (as well as others) – will aim to make my videos shorter :). Videos do need to be done right in order to be effective because as you say, when done wrong, it can actually work against you. There are SO many people who are jumping on the bandwagon because they realize how important video is – so they turn on a web cam and babble. Now I realize that we are NOT professional actors and can't all look like Kelly Ripa (although I am coming back in my next life as Kelly), but we need to at least make an attempt to look somewhat professional and think before we open our mouths to make sure we are actually "saying" something. Catarina – weren't we supposed to have a chat? Did we and I missed it? LOL. Let's try to touch base soon….

    @Adrienne: Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your footprint :). I have to admit that I prefer to NOT be on the side facing a video camera LOL – I tend to focus more on the promotional videos. Although it is something I DO intend to get over – and fast! That is neat that your friend found you on Youtube and a testament to your ability to make a memorable video!

  6. Adrienne says:

    Hi Julie,

    Excellent post!   I continue to run across people who are new to the industry and are STILL afraid to put themselves in front of the camera.  There are so many other ways to create videos and you have made some very good points in your post.  I always share some of these same tips with newbies because video is definitely something everyone should have in their marketing.  It's just so powerful and a great way for others to be able to connect with you.

    I spoke to a friend this morning who found me on YouTube last year.  He called me because he said I just resignated with him  while all the other videos he had watched he just couldn't connect.  We are now really good friends so I have video marketing to thank for that. 

    Appreciate the post and will be back for more in the future.  Thanks again.


  7. Great and well researched article Julie.
    Agree completely with what Susan says. A video must be really professional and can't just be something shot by an amateur since such a video will give a bad image and work against you. Also believe that long videos put people off. At least they have that affect on me. Short to the point I believe is the name of the game. 

  8. Hi Keyuri,

    I like that: "A blob of words" – very descriptive :). Music to me is really key in adding that emotional effect. Can you imagine the movie Psycho without music? I doubt that shower scene would have been nearly as scary!

  9. Keyuri Joshi says:

    As always, you raise excellent points Julie.  The touch of human presence, the lifted mood from great music, and the emphasis from an empassioned voice are all much more enticing than a blob of words.  Like Sherryl, I think that is why I am inclined to spread you tube videos.  They just have to be short, sweet and super effective.

  10. Thanks Jeannette for the public appreciation. Videos in general, not just on Youtube, offer tremendous functionality and power in promoting your brand. For example, having a video on your website also has great benefits..

    Dennis, I hate Skype LOL because that means I can't be in my PJs and have to brush my hair! But your point is a good one. Thanks!

  11. Can't deny that video is the future. It's why skype is so popular. You get that personal touch that regular email lacks.

  12. Julie — YouTube is the second most searched site after Google (which owns it).  So obviously videos posted there have a good chance of showing up in search results for you and your blog.  I want to thank you publicly for your generosity with your time and advice on how I could potentially incorporate video into my blog. You're the best!

  13. Hey Sherryl. Agreed – obviously :). I just saw the neatest video I need to get right on making my own version of it. The messaging power of video is really awesome. BTW I do the same thing you do. I find the video on what I need to do and stop and start it as I follow the instructions. Many people are visual learners which makes video even more effective.

  14. Video is such a key component of effective marketing. I for one forward a lot of emails with YouTube videos. I also find myself searching YouTube for training videos as well as research for vacationing. It is definitely the way of the future.

  15. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for adding the point about the videos being like TV ads – great way to represent them :)

  16. Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Julie,
    You make good points and I think that one area that holds for example small businesses back it knowing how to do the videos at a high standard. I also think it will become like TV ads in the sense that the ones that stand out and make a difference for the business and customers will touch the emotion.

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