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Are You Taking Advantage of Opportunities to Educate Your Target Market to Increase Your Bottom Line?

swimmingI would like to share a conversation I had with a home inspector recently. We were talking about phone calls he has received from people who want him to inspect their pools. He tells them it will cost them $150 which does not please them as they have already spent around that same amount of money with ANOTHER home inspector (this sentence has been added to the original post for clarification – thanks to Catarina and Susan for making it clear that my original post was not clear) to have their home inspected. He then explains to them that they could have paid him $75 to inspect both their homes and their pools had they called him first. What does this scenario tell us?

  • People don’t necessarily know to ask if the home inspector they hire also inspects pools. I didn’t know that there is a special requirement to be qualified to inspect a pool – at least in the state where this home inspector resides; obviously many people living in his state also didn’t know this or he wouldn’t be getting these phone calls.
  • This home inspector has a great opportunity to provide his target market with information they not only need but would want to know before hiring a home inspector if they have a pool. He also has the opportunity to differentiate himself from those other inspectors in his area who do not inspect pools
  • He can and should share his knowledge to his potential target market. They will be grateful for this information and he will probably get many more inspections.
  • We didn’t get into further discussions about other information his potential target would want to hear, but hearing about his background and experience in his niche, I would assume he has many other topics he can share with his target market.

Have you had customers or know of people who are not taking advantage of sharing knowledge they have with their potential target or perhaps you have some knowledge you know your target would want to hear? Besides helping to establish one as their industry expert, this type of education oftentimes brings in more paying customers. What do you think?

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16 Responses to “An Informed Customer is a Happier Customer”
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  1. Val Adams says:

    I agree with you guys. A customer needs to know the causes and results after the service is done. This does not only apply to home inspection but to almost all services as well like mobile phone repair, computer repair and other stuff. Giving them a few tips would also make them delighted. If the customer is delighted, then they will search for you and not to anyone else.

    Val Adams of online pawn shop

  2. Gil Solas says:

    I agree. Good customer service is what everyone is looking for.

  3. So true. Well informed customer is a happier customer that should every business implement because in business customers are your life blood because of them your business gets you better income. Establish a good customer service is very much important.

  4. Hi Jasmine, you are right – one’s current customers are great sources of new customers and repeat business. I like that: “secret marketing agents” :)

  5. Jasmine says:

    Very good point! If a business wants more customers then they should tell more about their services to their customers and what else can they do. Extend the bar and you’ll have happy customers that can be your secret “marketing agents” bringing in more customers for you.

  6. Hi Andy, In this case the customer called and specifically asked the price – hence his answering them. This particular home inspector does understand his customers’ needs hence him realizing that they don’t necessarily know the right questions to ask and his helping them understand this to avoid getting in a situation where they are not getting what they need. Make sense?

  7. Andy Nathan says:

    That is interesting how the home inspector starts off with the price. That shows a complete lack of understanding for his buyers. In today’s world it is about learning what your client needs and asking the right questions. I could not agree more with you that you need to inform your customer of what is happening, and you do that by understanding their situation.

  8. @Sherryl: You are right – these days so many industries are incredibly saturated and differentiation is the key. This is another reason the relationships we develop and nurture become so important too – another way to differentiate ourselves. We all know what they say about “assuming’…. :)

    @Tia: The gentleman I spoke with is a home inspector who also inspects pools. If someone came to him first, and they had a pool, he would only charge them $75 for the entire inspection – the pool inspection being part of his package. When they call him after they have already had their home inspected by another home inspector, he has to make a trip to their home just to do the pool. We didn’t go into detail but I have a feeling that he actually does give these people a break and doesn’t charge them double. The point for him is that he has an opportunity – that I am sure he is going to take advantage of – to educate home owners on the types of question they need to ask before hiring a home inspector – the relevant one here is about pools.

    You are not missing anything, I unintentionally made this post rather complicated by not being clear but it is a good conversation piece LOL – looking at the glass as half-full :)

  9. Tia Peterson says:

    Is he a home inspector, or a pool inspector?

    I don’t understand why he charges twice as much for one type of inspection as he does for a bundled price. What if people don’t tell him that another inspector has come? Isn’t he shooting himself in the foot here or am I missing something?

  10. What small business owners need to keep in mind is that unless they can differentiate themselves from all the other businesses that do basically the same thing, they’re going to end up competing on price. (I don’t think anyone really wants to compete on price.)

    I think sometimes we assume that people know and understand something simply because it’s so clear to us. You’re absolutely right, we have to inform and educate our potential customers.

  11. Hi Catarina,

    Aren’t we long overdue for a chat? Can you slow time down?!!! I am thinking I might have not explained the scenario correctly LOL Sorry about that! I am actually going to go in and make a change to the original post for clarification. This particular home inspector was called AFTER another home inspector performed the inspection. Thanks for your comment and for making me realize I wasn’t clear. The point is that the OTHER home inspector is the one who didn’t tell the customer that he didn’t inspect pools! :)

  12. Subscribed to your blog Julie so we can follow each other.

  13. Can’t help wondering if he noticed they had a pool, but didn’t offer thinking he would get paid twice?:)

    Seriously he will benefit hugely from telling customers what he can do for them. If he noticed the pool and offered to throw it in, he would have got himself a steady customer.

  14. @Susan: I am sure this particular home inspector DOES ask that question – it is the OTHER inspector who didn’t ask the question – hence this home owner’s phone call to the inspector I was chatting with.

    @Keyuri: Great points – thanks for adding them. I think people just assume that their pool is part of their house – hence they might not ask if the pool is included in the home inspection.

  15. Keyuri Joshi says:

    Julie. What a great point you raise! Comprehensive communication is key! How on earth could someone hire you for services if they don’t know what they are. There is a local site that I use, that showcases thousands of companies. If I search for “plumber” I can choose from several in my area. I end up picking one based on what their website states they can do to solve my particular problem. The more problems they list, the more customers they can capture. Details help… not to mention good customer reviews.

  16. Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Julie,

    I wonder if he asked any questions when people were enquiring about a home inspection, such as does the house have a pool? If he did as a matter of routine, perhaps he would increase his sales.

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