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All other things being equal, the consultant who gets the job or the employee who gets hired is the one that the decision maker likes best – period!

Think about it from your own personal and professional experiences. Have you ever hired a contractor for a home improvement project? More than likely you asked around to get others' opinions and recommendations. Then you set up appointments with 2 or 3 to meet them. You might even have looked at examples of their work. Let's say for illustrative purposes that you liked all the samples of the work you saw. Let's also say that their prices are all in the same range. Now how will you decide which one to hire? You are going to hire the one you like best, right? That is an emotional response.

As another example, think about the small business owner who is looking to hire a consultant. If they meet with 3 different website designers, and again, all other things being equal, which one are they going to hire? They are going to hire the one they like best.

I was speaking recently with a client of mine about his competitors and his clients. He told me about a situation where he and one of his competitors were up for the same project. They both have exactly the same credentials and both produce top-quality work, but he got the job because this client doesn't like to work with women and this competitor is a woman. That is an emotional response. It might not make sense to many (myself included) and might not seem rational, but it is what affected the decision-making process.

All Other Things Being Equal, Your Decisions are based on Emotional Responses.


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3 Responses to “All Other Things Being Equal, Your Decisions are Based on Emotional Responses”
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  1. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Julie
    "All Other Things Being Equal, Your Decisions are based on Emotional Responses."
    That is so so true.
    My example is choosing a private pension scheme.
    Made appointments to see three people… picked the one I liked and trusted.
    As it turned out it was a good pick, but as you say, based on an emotional response.
    BTW – looks as though you beat me to the "emotions" post by a few months.

    • Hi Keith,

      There is NO doubt that anything dealing with one’s finances is DEFINITELY a decision based on emotion. Thanks for the example.

      LOL I “beat you” – you have to keep on your toes – I am running on red bull energy minus the red bull :) Seriously though, emotions is such an important area that no matter when it is presented, it is timely.

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