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Social Media Marketing Really Does Work

social networkingI had the pleasure of meeting a man named Dave Kalstrom yesterday through another gentleman I have been networking with for months. Jim Bannon made the introduction and is a real technical guru that has helped me out in so many ways as I tend to be a bit of a technical-moron. OK – that is an understatement :)

Dave is the owner of a company called Outbound Excellence and I can assure you he is true to his brand promise. In the span of a just a few minutes, Dave rattled off TONS of REALLY helpful/valuable ways to maximize and leverage the full capabilities of Linkedin that so many of us are unaware of!

Dave and I have opened new doors for each other. I am so grateful to have met him and look forward to learning more from his vast industry-knowledge as he truly is an industry-expert. So without further ado, let me introduce Dave’s “15 Ways To Develop Your LinkedIn Account To Generate Sales” in a video by New Horizons 123 Production.

Please notice that I did NOT put a link to Dave’s webinar above, but check out the end of the video :)


What do you think? Do you see the value Dave offers in helping us all make better use of our Linkedin profiles and network?

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Julie Weishaar We will work with you to increase your online visibility by leveraging the latest in Internet and video technologies while helping you grow your business. We provide video marketing services and offer video marketing products for those who like to “do it themselves”, specializing in camera-less animated video production. We also provide consulting services for those who are just starting out on the Internet or with Video Marketing and need help with their Internet and Video Marketing Strategy.

46 Responses to “15 Ways To Develop Your LinkedIn Account To Generate Sales”
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  1. Yes, it does really work! Most of my traffic somes from social networking sites such as Facebook, Stumble Upon and Twitter

  2. Jenny Mae says:

    I know this can be a big help to people…Thanks a lot for the great post you are sharing here…

  3. Hi GIaneli, If you follow Dave’s suggestions, It WILL be a big help for you :)

  4. Gianeli says:

    Thank you Julie…I hope this can be a big help for me then…Great job!!

  5. Hi Ellie – glad you found the information useful!

  6. Ellie says:

    Enjoyed your article on 15 Ways to Develop Your Linkedin Account. I am not into internet marketing; but, merely looking for ways to popularize my new site on anxiety attacks. You have provided me some very helpful tips. Thank you :)


  7. Hi Kristel, Thanks – I am glad you found it helpful :)

  8. Kristel Mae says:

    Hi Julie…Great job!!I know a lot of people will read this post…Congratulations!!

  9. Hi Micky. Glad to be of help :)

  10. Micky says:

    Thanks Julie for the help you give me here…

  11. Hello Julie – why do I feel like I am “talking” to myself? LOL Thanks for the affirmation and appreciation!

  12. julie says:

    great post and well done you for presening so much information in such a short period of time.thats the beauty of videos

  13. @David: Thanks David – same to you :)

    @Anna: Linkedin is a great business networking site, indeed!

    @Felly: Glad you found it useful :)

  14. Felly says:

    Thanks Julie for the nice post you are always giving us here…Great job here!!

  15. Stephen Mills says:

    Informative post, LinkedIn will help you to have you to increase your popularity in online business. Anyone can benefit from it. Good luck to you business!

  16. Mutri says:

    nice Info..

  17. Anna says:

    Nice video, it seems that I should be in LinkedIn too, Julie! 😀 You, buddying up with Dave is an even better idea! 😀 😀 😀

  18. David Britt says:

    LinkedIn will help you to have you to increase your popularity in online business. Anyone can benefit from it. Good luck to you business!

  19. Hi Demi – thanks for stopping by and appreciating the value of this post :)

  20. Demi Fae says:

    I agree with you Julie…It does really work and this post can help a lot of people too…

  21. Charles says:

    The great thing about social media is we get to be introduced to a huge community of potential customers. It is great Linkeden is providing us an opportunity in better introducing ourselves as well as improving our image to viewers.

  22. Hi Steve, yes, Linkedin is a very powerful business networking site. Glad you found some value in this post/video to help you make positive improvements in your profile to maximize its effectiveness :)

  23. Steve says:

    Developing a good profile would definitely increase the confidence of suspects in our service and product. It is great that Linkeden enables me a more respectable profile as well as provide opportunity to meet a whole new kind of market. I already have an account and I can’t wait to make some adjustments and improvements. Hope you can visit me at derivatives as well. Thank you for the great info.

  24. Hi Cindy, yes you should get a Linkedin account – it is the best business networking site out there on the web. Glad you find this information helpful :)

  25. Cindy says:

    nice video, it’s time for me to create a LinkedIn account:) and yes, fortunately we have that pause button and we have to be quick to get the link to the webinar mentioned above.

  26. HI Kenneth. Thanks for the validation about the video :)

  27. Hey ..
    You provide nice video and very motivating also …thanks for sharing your personal experience.

  28. Great information, Julie thanks! I loved the video. I am so proud of you! You have come so far in so little time. You grow girl :)

  29. Thanks Julie for another wonderful presentation. I love how you manage to share so much in mere minutes! You RAWK!!:)

  30. Hi Norma, Uh Oh – You have high expectations of me – I will need to be sure to live up to them :)

  31. Top quality videos from my expert friend. Would’nt expect anything else! So much info packed in that small video… What a tool you have there! x0x
    The LEARNED Preneur @ NormaDoiron.NET

  32. Dea Mae says:

    Thank you Julie…I really need this at the moment and I am glad I have found your post here…

  33. Excellent collaboration Julie! So smart. And the video – I just love it. I think it’s your best yet.

  34. What an informative video! LinkedIn so important and oftentimes underused social media tool. Thanks for the tips!

  35. Thanks Solvita, if you follow Dave’s advice in the video, you will be sure to enjoy much success :)

  36. Solvita says:

    Great video ~ you are a master! I think it is time to create a LinkedIn account! :)

  37. Hi Lorrie – yes the info is very helpful – hope you can use it :) Thanks Nancy!

  38. Thanks for sharing! Alway good videos!

  39. Lorrie says:

    Amazingly useful information! Well presented. thanks!

  40. Hi Jim, you are so right. I know that I do a Google search when interested in doing business with someone or to research an item I want to purchase. You are also right that we can’t control what others might post about us but we can control what we post ourselves and how we present ourselves!

  41. Jim Bannon says:

    So many of us get “Too Busy” to study the Fundamentals.

    It is a FACT that 80% of potential employers check a candidate’s ON-LINE presence during the screening/interview process. The vast majority of them, go to LinkedIn FIRST!

    All of us should “Google” our names and our company names… and PAY ATTENTION to what comes up! We can’t control a lot of it, but WE CAN CONTROL WHAT WE ORIGINATE!

    I am sure prospective business associates and prospective customers are also checking us out FIRST… ON LINE… before they open their minds, their hearts, and their wallets to us.

    VIDEO sure is the #1 way to get into their minds and their hearts.

    The last item should follow naturally – once we demonstrate our true professionalism and build credibility, through repetitive examples of our ability to be trusted.

    Gotta run and see what Google is saying about “YourPCGuruJim”.

  42. HI Sherie, LOL – thank goodness for the “pause” button right? :) Definitely watch the video again – Dave has some very helpful tips! BTW – I haven’t either with my LInkedin. Shhhhhh – don’t tell anyone – I have to get on the stick and utilize some of Dave’s suggestions.

  43. Sherie says:

    Julie, it is amazing to me how you can present so much information in such a short period of time. I guess it is the truly astonishing value of video! I have a Linked In profile and have not been very sure how to optimize it. I am going to watch this again and put some of the principles to the test! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

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